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Ministry Certificate Career PathsIf you want to pursue a new career with your local church or religious group, you should consider a minister certificate. These certifications are a great start for anyone looking to enter the field of ministry and other entry-level positions. Indeed, it can be difficult to decide what level of education you...
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Improving Your Non-ProfitRunning a non-profit is hard work. Many devise a brilliant idea to help their community but stall on the logistics. You need to know how to find money, maintain a budget, and keep your team on track to succeed. Truly, one of the biggest issues non-profits run into is financial. Simply, there isn’t...
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What Level of Education Should I Pursue?It can be difficult to figure out which level of education is right for you. Regardless of age, many people are still unsure about their dream career. If you feel the same, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re fresh out of high school or unhappy with your current job. Or...
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How College Can Help Entrepreneurs Succeed Many young entrepreneurs think there is no reason to go to college or earn a degree. Notably, only around 50% of all business owners have a four-year degree or higher. Instead, these professionals use their wit and experience to find success. However, getting a degree or taking college courses...
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Knowing How to Write Matters Students in STEM and business fields sometimes go through college wondering why they need to know how to write. After all, they won’t be crafting essays for work in the real world. These students may feel frustrated when they lose points for poor grammar, spelling, or writing errors. However, most...
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What are Soft Skills? If you pay attention to the business world, you may have heard the term “soft skills” thrown around lately. Notably, soft skills are becoming more important for hirability and promotions. Employers want people to have more than the abilities they learn in school or the field. So, what are soft skills?...
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