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Student satisfaction is high at Lakewood University.

Here are the responses to three questions asked in a recent student survey:

  • All things considered, were you satisfied with your studies with us?
    99% said yes!
  • Did you achieve, or will you have achieved upon completing your studies, the goals you had when you started this course or program?
    99.2% said yes!
  • Would you recommend these studies to a friend?
    99% said yes!


This course helped me learn a lot about the medicines that my husband was taking. I never intended for this to be my career but instead learned all I could about the medicines my disabled husband was taking so that I could take better care of him.

I work in a High School now and still spread some of that knowledge to my students, which they find fascinating. I have always recommended this University to others as a great online school for others who are/were associated with the military.

Just knowing I went to college and earned a certificate really helped me to do more things that I was afraid to do. Attending this school has given me the confidence to try more things, and new things, and try my best at everything I put my mind to. I could never thank you enough for how you have encouraged me in other aspects of my life.

Jenny Miller
Lakewood Graduate

Since graduating I have shifted careers. Due to the pandemic Life has changed. Me and my husband decided to start a business in process serving court documents, in July 2021 we opened our business. We will continue to grow our business to ensure the future of our family. Going to Lakewood college gave me the jumpstart that I needed in order to pursue my bachelors degree in business administration.

Before attending Lakewood I was a stay at home mother and military wife living in Germany. When given the opportunity to attend I jumped on it. It helped me find that I have more purpose in life and could provide a better environment for my children and my family.

Kristen Myers
Lakewood Graduate

Taking this online course really helped move my life in the right direction. I have gone on to get my Associates in Billing and Coding and my Bachelors in Health Administration. The medical field has been wonderful and I absolutely love that I get to help people each and everyday.


Melissa Millirons
Lakewood Graduate

I am thankful for the opportunities available to me since I’ve added this accolade to my résumé. I am very much aware that I am capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind to even under pressure. This has been a stepping stone to my journey of fathering my education. I am a stronger believer that knowledge is power. I am proud to say I am continuing to grow obtaining higher levels of educational goals. Thanks for being a part of my educational journey.

I would say my level of knowledge has increased and my confidence to exercise that knowledge.

Shatterica Dede-Nasheed
Lakewood Graduate

With my certification, it has open new doors to me in the medical friend. I have managed to work for two different companies and work successfully! I realized that I am capable of doing anything! 

Andrea Gale
Lakewood Graduate

I started working at a pharmacy and love it. But now I am in school for my bachelor’s in education. Being a pharmacy technician and having the education gave me confidence to go back for more education. 

Angel Tyler
Lakewood Graduate

Although I haven’t used my degree like I thought I would, I have managed to land some good jobs with the confidence I gained from Lakewood college. I spent over a year working at Tesla doing the solar roof.

I learned that I actually have the ability to do school, and do it well after graduating with a 94%. It’s given me the confidence to go for a bachelors degree in electrical engineering.

Mikhail Vruggink
Lakewood Graduate

Completing the paralegal program gave me the experience to secure a position at a law firm. The program courses prepare you for a job in the legal field. The course curriculum prepares you for the legal field. 

Katrena Henry
Lakewood Graduate

Upon graduation I was promoted at my previous job. We had a move to due military and my schooling helped me achieve a job in a nursing home facility as central supply manager and transportation. Definitely increased confidence.

Carly Kratochvil
Lakewood Graduate

Great school and professors are readily available to assist with your needs! Great online classes.

John Carlson
Lakewood Graduate

With the knowledge I received from the pharmacy technician program, I have decided to go into nursing. I am starting as a tech at a hospital and will continue to work there while I prepare for nursing school. The knowledge I gained while in the pharmacy technician program has given me the confidence in what I want to move forward in with my career.

Marcy Cox
Lakewood Graduate

I have so much confidence in my job, it’s all owed to the excellent instructions of my professor.

Tracy King
Lakewood Graduate

The course was incredibly helpful. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue to use my education as a resource. The course was accessible, practical, and helpful. I now am more familiar with the strategies used to help people become millionaires through real estate. I’ve gained the ability to communicate my real estate goals in addition to having the confidence to execute my strategies. 

Robert Woods
Lakewood Graduate

Thanks to the course my father and I purchased a home, did renovations, and sold the property for a profit thanks to the real estate management course. I plan on attending the entrepreneurship course soon. Very thankful for Lakewood and the staff on hand for their help. I never thought I would go to college but I am more empowered than ever. I have learned to value education. I had no idea how challenging it would be to complete the course, but I also have never felt more rewarded and accomplished when I graduated and received the certification.

Jessee Miller
Lakewood Graduate

It has afforded me another income opportunity. In this ERA it helps to have more information to bring as experience to am employer.

Larry Lawson
Lakewood Graduate

I have enjoyed using what I have learned in my career. Being a pharmacy Technician is fulfilling and keeps me on my toes. I appreciate the opportunity that was given to me and feel it helped me with my future. With this certificate I have been able to take care of my family and provide for them. Just being able to keep a roof over the heads of my family and feeling like my job means something everyday. Thank you.

Amanda Fitch
Lakewood Graduate

The education I received at Lakewood has prepared me to enter the workforce again after being a Stay at Home Mother. I am grateful for the opportunity to start a new, lucrative, and growing career field. The knowledge that Lakewood provided me was not only practical but given in a manner that was easy to understand and demonstrate. My advisors and instructors were all extremely helpful and kind throughout the process; making sure I had the tools I needed to succeed. 

Lisa Rich
Lakewood Graduate

I love Lakewood and it’s teachers and have even thought of of teaching myself I have attended Mediation classes as well as Paralegal seminars. Lakewood as been a tremendous blessing to me and my family. I studied both paralegal and mediation studies that has proven to be beneficial in my church and home life. Lakewood Paralegal and Mediation classes are terrific and love the instructors

Alvin Brown
Lakewood Graduate

Lakewood was there to help me with any questions I had while attending. I would definitely recommend it to any of my family or friends to attend. I’ve completed not just one but two certificates through Lakewood University. I would definitely consider doing another program through this University. Going to Lakewood showed me that I’m able to do anything when I set my mind to it. I was pregnant and also had a toddler the second time I attended, and finished my certificate several months ahead of time. The first time I’d just moved to a new state where I knew no one and was a new wife and mother so I thought school was going to be harder, but with Lakewood it made it a breeze. It was also easy finding a job after and they were more than willing to help me find a job that worked around my schedule. 

Tracy Chafin
Lakewood Graduate

The skills I learned at Lakewood enhanced my abilities and understandings which allowed me to advance in my career. My background is more broad based and well rounded. They also helped me assist people more professionally with their problems. Lakewood allowed me the professional knowledge base with acquiring another degree. Certification and Diplomas are enough. People respect my opinion more because of the education behind it

Jonathan Morse
Lakewood Graduate

Instructors were informative. Classes were easy to understand. Medical billing has many opportunities in the medical field. There is a wealth of information to use. I have expressed my passion to others about Lakewood University and have encouraged them to major in one of the many courses offered. My life has changed knowing that I have a future job in the medical field because I have been taught by one of the best schools in the US. I am motivated to look for a job in the medical billing field and have encouraged others to pursue the career as a medical biller.

Althea Williams
Lakewood Graduate

After graduating I became more knowledgeable in Paralegal field. It has opened up more possibilities for jobs and what jobs I can apply for. It has also helped me gain the knowledge on laws and legal advice in America. It is pretty close to the laws of my country but this was a great experience and a great course. I gained more knowledge either it’s admin jobs or paralegal jobs. So, my confidence was enhanced after graduation.

Lorraine Noviza
Lakewood Graduate

Life couldn’t have been better for me since completing the course. I am currently starting my training and tutoring program to help sharpen the skill of football players in NYC and LI region. I have also launched my Podcast Cleverly Said Cleverly Spoken, and I have gotten tremendous feedback on how to start, monetize, and promote it. The hands on service , attentiveness, and guidance provided for adult learners have been monumental for the development emotionally and mentally for this college student to be blessed. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. It would be a direct waste of money trust me. I have attended other universities before. nooooooo bueno. GO TO LAKEWOOD.

Larry Thomas
Lakewood Graduate

I have been able to successfully acquire jobs that I actually enjoy. Having done the programs at Lakewood, it has opened doors that would have not opened if not for the education received. I am now able/qualified to help patients get the care they need and deserve and that is the type of impact I wanted to leave in this world. I have been able to obtain jobs that are not entry level and geared towards the career I chose. Its fulfilling knowing that you’re making an impact in someone’s life no matter how big or small. I am helping patients improve/Better their well-being by my work and I would not want it any other way. I will forever be grateful to Lakewood for giving me the opportunity to have a career I am proud of and love. 

Jasmin Figueroa
Lakewood Graduate

I work for USPS. Although I may not be in the field I graduated from…I still use the knowledge I learned in every job I have. It’s important to have knowledge all around at any job you work or any field. I also help my friends & family with the things I have learned. I enjoy having the knowledge. Not to mention bragging rights!

Christina Roland
Lakewood Graduate

I have been able to learn more in the medical field and understand the language and terms. It has helped me to further a career but also helped me in my personal life as well. I know what questions to ask the doctors when I go to doctor appointments.  It has given me the courage and strength in ways I didn’t imagine.

Kelsey Washington
Lakewood Graduate

After graduating, I continued on to my MA at Liberty University and a doctorate at Grand Canyon University. I also started BCT Mediations PLUS, a mediation company, and was Ethics co-chair for Maricopa County Association of Family mediators. I love what I do and BCT Mediations PLUS is now 9 plus years old and going strong. TY, Lakewood. The skill set from my mediation training has benefited me as a trainer, educator, mentor, and author. Negotiating is a primary skill every successful entrepreneur needs. 

Buddy Thornton
Lakewood University

Hello, I’ve enrolled in varies programs throughout the years from automotive technology to recording arts. I am currently in the Pharmacy Technician program here at Lakewood and it’s been great. I’m almost finished with my course work and will begin my externship in a local pharmacy here soon. The virtual tutorials and meetings are awesome. The material is easy to dissect and is designed to help enhance our memory for actual job experience.

Abdullah Mujahiddin
Lakewood Graduate

Since graduating, I found my home in Mobile, Alabama where I was a criminal defense and family law paralegal, working my way up to Senior Paralegal. I was there from the year I graduated in 2013 until December of 2023. I am now working for myself as a freelance paralegal and mediator! Things are booming thanks to the reputation I have established over the last decade in my field and I am able to now stay home and have a better quality of life with my family.

I have had nothing but hands on help and encouragement from start to finish and even to this day over ten years later!! If you love this position and this work? Keep going! This is one of the professions where you do not have to limit yourself, and with the qualifications and your experienced that is gained by the doors that open for you BECAUSE of your education with Lakewood? You can easily work in many other professions entering at an immediate higher level. The only limit… you!

Abby Jay
Lakewood Graduate

My life has changed due to me receiving my degree and finally finishing college. I can take this degree with me anywhere. I will use my degree to either further my education or do a Trade. I have not decided yet but because of my Associate degree I can go further in any career I choose thereafter. Thank you, Lakewood. My motivation and confidence has increased because I feel like I can accomplish anything.

Ashley Barnes

Lakewood University made it possible for me to obtain my paralegal diploma, while still being able to raise three children and work full-time. The program was easy to understand, required work was spaced out with plenty of time to finish, and the professor was knowledgeable and caring. Lakewood made it easy and rewarding to grow not only as a student but as a professional also. Studying at Lakewood taught me the time management skills I needed to obtain my diploma and the self confidence I needed to try something outside my comfort zone

Courtney Sarver
Lakewood Graduate

Lakewood University’s Paralegal Diploma paved the way for my current success. I use many of my acquired skills and abilities in my daily professional life. I have traversed the professional legal landscape to include military law and civilian law.

Throughout my time, I learned more than what I needed and quickly promoted. I am eternally grateful for the Lakewood faculty and staff. I am a high earner because of my education at Lakewood University!

I went from earning five to six figures. I understand the fundamentals of the legal landscape and can effectively advise my leaders as well as make important regulatory decisions. I learned the value of leadership and how to employ leadership through a legal perspective. I feel honored to have graduated from Lakewood!

Anthony Nathal
Lakewood Graduate

Since attending Lakewood university my life has changed. I was to obtain many certificates that help me in my everyday life. I get employment assistance and other help from the University. I also got letters of recommendation that came with my certificates. I will be forever grateful for Lakewood U. My confidence has definitely improved because every time I see my accomplishments I know I can do anything.

Katrina Wells
Lakewood Graduate

Lakewood University taught me a lot about my program. Taking that and using it to start a new program was a huge plus. Thank you Lakewood University. Being able to learn a lot of information for a short period of time is a plus as well. I couldn’t ask for more for my past experience here at Lakewood.

Faaoloaga Aufata
Lakewood Graduate

Life has changed for me going to school for criminal justice. From military wife to divorced Lakewood has helped. Just to end up in Nursing traveling during COVID & starting my own yoni business. Life career wise has been very busy. Wouldn’t change it for nothing. Proud business owner & mom striving to be the best I can be.

Donnelia Richardson
Lakewood Graduate

Being a military wife, I knew I didn’t want to depend on someone else for my future. I’m so glad I took the initiative to further my education. As the marriage didn’t work, I had my education to fall back on. Since then I’ve had job offers making over 100k! Independence is a high reward that will always pay off in the future.

I am one of 5 siblings. I have the honor to say I have more education than anyone of my siblings. I could of stopped at one diploma. However, I wanted to utilize my allowance. I highly suggest if you are acquainted with the military, use your allowance! Use every penny they give you. I ended up getting 3 free diplomas and the most education of anyone in my family.

Christina Roland
Lakewood Graduate

I have begun my career as a pharmacy technician. I work Kroger Pharmacy. I’ve learned so much since becoming a technician. I help deal with the orders that come in along with our everyday tasks. When I began this program my husband was deployed. So it helped me get my footing in my transition out of the military while dealing with that. This program gave my skills that will help me grow towards my next steps in life. I also was just given a pay rise for my hard work. I was able to prove to myself that even after a TBI. I can still move forward with my life. It has brought me skills to handle everyday tasks and socially this job has brought a voice I never had.

Brandy Lilly
Lakewood Graduate

The courses taken with Lakewood assisted me in providing the knowledge base to give me an edge in beginning my coaching practice. Lakewood provided a professional learning environment and cared about my learning experience. The courses provided through the school are attractive and cutting edge for learners to get what they need and gain the confidence before jumping on a venture. The competition on the coaching world is that there are some that in one weekend can attend a seminar and call themselves a coach. This 600 course unless for a certification that further validates and gives an edge that the certification was gained on a collegiate level and not a workshop.

Guillermo Rivera
Lakewood Graduate

I was very happy to join Lakewood University. I will tell you I learned a lot in my time at Lakewood. It was very easy to do my work and study because of the tools I was given. I would highly recommend it. On a side note they treat Veterans amazingly and give us the tools to succeed. Thank you so much Lakewood University. I’m a better person from my time and also a better student.

Joseph DeNobile
Lakewood Graduate

Lakewood University has given me the confidence to start a new career and take my skills that I learned from Lakewood University into my new job. I have learned to help both individuals and companies to see each sides point of view when working together for a settlement. I am able to see both sides of a individuals and businesses. I look forward to taking more courses with Lakewood University.

Annmarie Veitch
Lakewood Graduate

I am in a new career field of HR. Very appreciative of the professor I had years ago at Lakewood. Even though it was self-paced and an at-home program, I still found confidence in being able to learn all that I did. I was better in math than I thought I was. Caused me to push as far as I could.

Kim Williams
Lakewood Graduate

Upon completing my paralegal certificate at Lakewood University, I contemplated how I could integrate my new skills with assisting a meaningful cause – helping veterans. Lakewood’s thorough curricula and practical legal training equipped me to navigate the intricacies of intellectual property law.

When starting at Veterans Intellectual Property (VIP), I felt compelled to support heroes seeking to protect innovations or works by securing intellectual property rights. My Lakewood education provided invaluable preparation, imparting the legal knowledge and sense of social responsibility to serve the greater good.

At VIP, I have proudly led efforts to furnish veterans with resources and backing as they develop concepts. Whether simplifying opaque patent processes, unraveling trademark registrations, or providing copyright guidance, our affirmative impact is seen through veterans’ success stories.

Charles Tyler
Lakewood Graduate

Lakewood University provides all the equipment in the study that you need and also team study, as well as the instructors are very informative. Because of Lakewood University, I’m able to pursue my own career, have my own business and being a life and health insurance agent I’m able to help people with their finances, family planning and life insurance needs.

Stephon Jackson
Lakewood Graduate

I love the programs that this school offers and online takes much focus. I highly recommend this school to anyone that desires change. Thanks for the much needed push to all those involved in the Paralegal Diploma Program! This Diploma has opened many doors for me and increased my salary opportunities.

Samuel Sawyer
Lakewood Graduate

My life has changed by having confidence and having the ability to open new doors since receiving my MBA from Lakewood University. I have been using my new skills as a substitute teacher and a boxing coach, and would like to run my own business.

Gregory Murphy
Lakewood Graduate