November 2022


slipped cup that says "doing my best"
A Bad Grade in College isn’t the End of the WorldEver turn in an essay thinking you did great, only to check your grades and find you barely earned a D? Students new and old struggle to handle an unexpectedly bad grade in college. Indeed, many report feelings of stress, anxiety, and lower self-worth as...
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student preparing for his daily commute
Why Being Mentally Prepared for College MattersStudents across the country experience culture shock during their first year on campus. They’re thrown off by the big changes to their lives and the amount of work they must complete each day. Often, students from less diverse areas are surprised by how diverse most campuses are. On top...
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clock and calendar
Struggling to Submit Assignments on Time?Picture this: after a long week, you’re sitting on the couch with a snack rewatching your favorite show. It’s around ten at night, the blanket’s warm, and you’re comfier than you’ve ever felt before. Right before you fall asleep, you get a nagging feeling you forgot something. You shoot up...
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laptop with espresso
Why Get a Grant Writing CertificatePart of what makes grant writing appealing is that you don’t need a formal education to succeed in the field. There is no minimum education requirement and many choose to work as freelancers. Yet, many new grant writers choose to earn their grant writing certificate.As many aspiring non-profits discover, writing...
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typewriter with paper that says "goals"
Setting Semester GoalsIt’s a good idea to think about your semester goals whether you’re about to start your first semester or are preparing for your senior year. You may be about to take a difficult class or just barely made it through the last set of courses. Alternatively, you may have done well last semester,...
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