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Virtual Executive Assistant

Program Highlights
  • 16-Week Program
  • Accredited
  • Instructor Assistance
  • Bi-Weekly Office Hours
  • Your Own Success Coach
  • Books Included in Tuition
  • Interactive Discussion Forum
Virtual Executive Assistant Program Description

This is one of the most powerful times in history to start and build an online, service-based business as a Virtual Assistant. With the changing climate of the workforce and economy, more and more businesses are outsourcing for services provided remotely, representing a vast array of service needs and business niches.

The kinds of services businesses are seeking support with offer a wide range from administrative support, content creation, tech support, social media management and marketing support, for example.

Whether you’re in the early stages of your work experience, pursuing a second career or are seeking an entry point into the world of entrepreneurship, you have some current skill that can be translated into services to bring to the marketplace. The Virtual Executive Assistant course will teach you how to identify and cultivate those skills to build a sustainable, scalable online business.

This course will also provide you with the foundational elements for ensuring the long-term success of your Virtual Assistant business, including:

  • The optimal mindset for success and growth, both personally and as a business owner
  • Identifying services to begin offering immediately 
  • Setting your rates and scaling your income over time
  • The wide variety of ways in which to find and connect with potential clients
  • How to sell or “pitch” your services effectively
  • The nuances of successfully onboarding and working with clients
  • A marketing plan that serves to promote your business while also providing an opportunity for practical skill application that can be translated to client services
  • Strategic business planning for continued income growth and the scalability of your business
  • Productivity and effective work habits
  • The variety of service niches in which a Virtual Assistant can specialize their services, scale their business and command top-tier rates

During the course of the program, you’ll be guided through the framework of finding and contracting with clients and will have your Virtual Assistant business well underway by its completion. You’ll also be solidly positioned for the continued growth of your business and a successful career in the world of online business.

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Program Outcomes
  • Demonstrate the skills required in planning, organizing, controlling resources and leading in a business environment
  • Examine the core disciplines of business and their integrated role in the organization
  • Examine the key elements of a successful team and the relationship between motivation and performance
  • Practice effective communication via multiple channels of exchange including oral and written
  • Reflect on and relate one’s social and ethical responsibility to stakeholders, the community and the environment
  • Practice using the information to make wise decisions on behalf of an organization
  • Utilize decision support tools in the way of math formulas, computer software, and information systems to analyze or solve problems
  • Utilize basic research skills in business problem solving

Lakewood University’s Virtual Executive Assistant Program provides “hands-on” instruction on the following topics:

Lesson 1: Welcome!


Lesson 2: Life as a Virtual Assistant – An Overview 


Lesson 3: Discover Your Ideal Client 


Lesson 4: Niching Down to Stand Out


Lesson 5: Your Digital Portfolio 


Lesson 6: Establishing Your Business


Lesson 7: Establish Your Business 


 Lesson 8: Pricing and Packages 


Lesson 9: Getting Paid and the Basics of Bookkeeping 


Lesson 10: Negotiation and Contracts 


Lesson 11: Marketing – Social Media and Your Website 


Lesson 12: Client Consultations 


Lesson 13: Portfolio Updating and Review 


Lesson 14: The Informational Interview


Lesson 15: Interview with a Virtual Assistant 


Lesson 16: Reflection

Lakewood University provides everything you need for the Virtual Executive Assistant Program. You Will Receive:
  • Comprehensive textbooks & study guides
  • Career search & time management guides
  • Open-book, online exams
  • Instructor guidance and unlimited tutoring
  • Your own Student Success Coach
  • Access to our online library
  • Networking with Lakewood’s active student and alumni social community
  • Printable checklists, templates, guides, and trackers for a streamlined approach to starting and building a successful Virtual Assistant business
  • Access to your instructor through an interactive discussion forum and bi-weekly office hours
Career Outlook

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor who provides services remotely in exchange for pay. The services that can be provided cover a vast array of business needs, and the scope of delivering services can range from the completion of delegated tasks to operating in the capacity of a business manager and consultant, depending on the level of experience and one’s goals for their business and income.

There is an incredible opportunity for growth as a Virtual Assistant with the many opportunities for specialization. Positioning one’s self as an expert in a specialized service area is an excellent way to increase one’s demand in the marketplace and to command higher rates of pay. In essence, starting a service-based business as a Virtual Assistant is one of the best ways to break into the world of online business, and can be a doorway to future entrepreneurial endeavors.

An existing skillset can be translated into immediate services to provide clients, and within the realm of virtual assistance the ability and desire to learn new skills as one builds their business is crucial. In our digital culture, anything can be learned and being a Virtual Assistant is a journey of learning – while you earn. 

While Virtual Assistants do not have their own particular category in the Bureau of Labor Occupation Outlook Handbook, they are mentioned under “Office and Administrative Support,” which is expected to grow 12% between 2012 and 2022. As well, freelancing (contracting for services) in general has been on a significant rise over the last decade, with a remarkable increase in the context of the pandemic.

On average a business owner can save up to $11,000 per employee every year just by outsourcing to at-home contractors, and it’s predicted that 50% of our workforce will be working from home in 10 years. Due to the projected growth of this industry and the general trend towards hiring Virtual Assistants in the 21st Century, especially in the post-pandemic era, this career is an excellent choice.

How much does a Virtual Assistant make?

As of Sep 27, 2022, the average hourly pay for a Virtual Assistant in the United States is $20.98 an hour. Source:

Program Cost
Bachelor’s Degree Program Tuition- Full Time
Payment PlanTerm Total TuitionEnroll

Payment Plan – 600 Clock Hours

Payment in Full: $7,400.00
(per semester)

Tuition: $7,400.00
Administrative Fees (in addition to the tuition above)

Application Fee- $75 for degree programs; $0 for vocational programs (first semester only)

Registration Fee – $200 for degree programs; $125 for vocational programs (first semester only)

Library Fee – $100 per degree semester; $250 per vocational program term

Low-Interest Financing

Lakewood University offers affordable, low-interest payment plans. That means, unlike many other schools, you can graduate without going thousands of dollars into debt.

Low Monthly Payments

Lakewood University’s low monthly payment plans are designed to fit your budget.

Convenient Payment Methods

We make it easy for you by accepting VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We also accept debit cards, prepaid cards, checks, and money orders. You can simply pay online, by phone, or by mail.

Military Education Benefits

We actively support the education of active duty members, their spouses, and veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard. Thanks to Lakewood’s low tuition, your military benefits will go a lot further. That means you can complete your education with little to no out-of-pocket costs.

Tuition Reimbursement

You may qualify for tuition reimbursement from your employer under the Employee Education Assistance Act, IRS Code, Section 127. Check with your human resources department or supervisor to see if you are eligible.


No one is turned down for the Monthly Payment Plans. However, Lakewood University does perform credit checks for all monthly payment applicants.