February 2023


art class, artists need college
Why Artists Need CollegeMany artists don’t see a reason to go to college. In fact, there’s a stereotype that higher education stifles creativity and can negatively affect progress. In reality, college can help artists of all kinds improve their craft, learn vital skills, and expand their skill set. Few of us are born with natural...
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happy employees at a healthy workspace
Importance of a Healthy WorkplaceMost of us probably have read or know from experience what makes a toxic workplace “toxic.” Poor management, bad structure, and low employee morale all build into a ticking time bomb that can mean death for a company. But what makes a healthy workplace healthy and how do we get there?...
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woman in a toxic workplace, bored at laptop
Impacts of a Toxic WorkplaceA toxic workplace can damage a company in many ways. Employees leave, profits decline, and they earn a bad reputation. Truly, when morale drops, the people in charge of keeping everything running properly put in less effort. They are less motivated to fix broken things, seek out new tasks, and put...
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