December 2022


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Why Accommodations for Online College Students MatterOnline college is often considered a more disability-friendly choice than many traditional schools. It’s more accessible, easier to enroll, and allows students to stay home. Indeed, they don’t have to worry if their dorm, classrooms, or other campus buildings will be able to accommodate their specific needs. However, many...
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What to Do if You Think You Picked the Wrong DegreeEvery year, thousands of college students change their degree path. The change may be as simple as switching from childhood psychology to adolescent psychology or as extreme as switching from English to nuclear physics. Regardless, students realize that they picked the wrong degree and switch...
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laptop set up in a home office for an online college student
Online College Student Life vs. Pandemic Student LifeEver wonder what it’s like to be an online college student? Many of us now have some familiarity with the experience following the covid-19 shutdown. Indeed, most children, teenagers, and college students found themselves studying entirely online for months or years. However, traditional colleges were pushed online without...
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Why Pick an Online College?Long before the internet was invented, people have been looking for ways to attend college from home. Indeed, distance learning has been around since the 1700s, becoming more common in the late 1800s with the growth of the postal service. Today, students can choose from a wide variety of online colleges...
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Why Many Are Not Sure About Going to CollegeEvery year, new high school graduates are pressured to enroll in college, leave the nest, and decide on the career that they’ll pursue the rest of their lives. Indeed, 86% of high school students feel pressure to enroll in a bachelor degree program. Whether it comes from...
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Lao Tzu quote: The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Remember My First Year in CollegeAs I close in on the end of my master’s degree, I’ve been thinking about the start of my educational journey, almost ten years ago. I’ve now gone through three levels of degrees – associate, bachelor, and now master – but it feels like only yesterday I enrolled in College...
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