Lakewood University

Admission Process

During registration, applicants must meet with an Admissions Representative. The Admissions Representative will guide the student through the entire enrollment process, answer any questions a student may have, as well as provide students with program-specific information. The Admission Representative will guide students toward the most applicable academic program to match their academic goals. Every student is also assigned a Success Coach to provide them with academic support throughout their program.

Admission Process
Step 1: Application

To begin the enrollment process, prospective Lakewood University students must complete an online application that can be accessed from the website, While completing the application, prospective students must indicate their academic program of interest for enrollment. Also, prospective students may print the online application, and mail the completed enrollment application with the appropriate down payment administration fee to:

Admissions Department

Lakewood University

2231 North Taylor Rd.

Cleveland Heights, OH 44112


Enroll by phone: (800) 517-0857

Step 2: Enrollment Process

Once the admission department processes the application, the prospective student is contacted by an Admissions Representative. The Admissions Representative will assist the prospective student with compiling and completing the necessary documents—i.e. driver’s license, government or state ID, and enrollment agreement—required to complete the enrollment process. All students are required to self-certify completion of high school or GED and sign an enrollment agreement with Lakewood University. The enrollment agreement outlines the terms of enrollment by the program as well as the financial obligations for the program. Students are free to request an unofficial enrollment agreement for review prior to signing.

**Note about Self Certification Policy: All prospective students must self-certify that they possess at least a high school diploma, GED certificate, or equivalent from an appropriately accredited school prior to being admitted to Lakewood University. A validating process will take place in circumstances in which the institution has reason to believe that the self-certification is invalid or the issuing entity is not an appropriate secondary school. Validating documents includes an official high school transcript indicating the date of high school graduation, a GED certificate indicating state-required passing scores or score sheet indicating state-required passing scores, or a post-secondary transcript indicating the date of graduation from an appropriately accredited and approved school. Students who wish to transfer University credits must submit official transcripts to the University prior to enrollment.

**Note about Enrollment Agreement for Degree Students: Student enrollment with Lakewood University is for one (1) academic term at a time.  The amount of tuition stated on a student’s enrollment agreement is for their first term.  For a student to continue at Lakewood University after their first term, they must complete an enrollment agreement which covers the tuition for each subsequent term by visiting or by calling the Admissions Department at 800-517-0857, Option 1.

Step 3: Transfer Credit Evaluation

As the enrollment process comes to an end, Lakewood University conducts a transfer credit evaluation when necessary. If a prospective student wishes to transfer University credit earned from another school, the student must provide Lakewood University with an official transcript sent directly from the institution or military branch in which the course credit was earned. The transcripts must be provided within the first semester (16 weeks) unless otherwise approved by Lakewood University administration. Once the transcript is received, Lakewood University will conduct a transfer credit evaluation in order to determine whether or not any of the earned course credit is transferrable. If any prior course credit earned is transferrable, an assessment will be generated for the purpose of adding the prior earned course credit to the prospective student’s new degree plan.

Step 4: Creation of the Degree Plan/ Program Plan

Once Lakewood University determines whether any transfer credit applies to the student’s academic program of choice, a personalized degree plan is created for the student. The degree plan will outline the necessary coursework required to complete the student’s chosen academic program. The degree plan will also display any course credit that was transferred from another institution. Upon receiving their degree plan, students will be contacted by an Admissions Representative, who will review the degree plan with the student, as well as answer any questions the student may have.

Step 5: Getting Started

Once the degree plan is accepted and the enrollment agreement is signed, the applicant officially becomes a student at Lakewood University. Lakewood University supplies all textbooks, study guides, supplemental materials, achievement exams, and instructional support to the student.