July 2022


sign that says "get the creativity flowing"
How to Use Your Creativity at WorkBeing a creative in a non-creative role can feel draining. You work day after day on reports and don’t get the opportunity to express yourself. Indeed, being in the wrong work environment can be exhausting and leave you feeling unsatisfied. But we don’t all have the option to find...
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The Value of Knowing How to De-EscalateIf you’ve ever worked in customer service, you’ve probably had to deal with an angry customer before. Indeed, people angry about their service, a product, or experience will take their issues out on unsuspecting employees. Obviously, it’s never okay to scream at or abuse representatives, but it does happen....
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Benefits of Being Your Own AdvocateIt’s important to know how to advocate for yourself. You should pursue what you need from a situation, whether in a relationship or at work or school. Indeed, it can be difficult to find the confidence to speak up. In most cases, however, you must self-advocate to succeed.Self-advocacy is the...
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difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations
Why You Should Become a MentorIf you’ve ever been interested in mentoring others, you probably wonder what makes a great mentor. It’s more than being knowledgeable in your field. Indeed, you need to provide advice that will uplift and benefit your mentee. Sometimes what’s best isn’t obvious – otherwise, we wouldn’t need quality mentors. Thus,...
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employees working in an open-concept office
What is Your Ideal Work Environment?When figuring out your dream career or starting a job hunt, it’s important to consider your ideal work environment. Whether or not your preferences are met can determine your happiness and success. Consider how much more productive you’ll be if you’re comfortable in your position. A poor work environment can...
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Entry-Level Jobs in Criminal JusticeA criminal justice certificate is a valuable credential that can help you start your career. Indeed, this certification opens many possible job paths for you. You can choose to get just a certificate or combine it with a degree. Some employers and positions require a degree, but many only need a...
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Bible with flowers
Ministry Certificate Career PathsIf you want to pursue a new career with your local church or religious group, you should consider a minister certificate. These certifications are a great start for anyone looking to enter the field of ministry and other entry-level positions. Indeed, it can be difficult to decide what level of education you...
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Improving Your Non-ProfitRunning a non-profit is hard work. Many devise a brilliant idea to help their community but stall on the logistics. You need to know how to find money, maintain a budget, and keep your team on track to succeed. Truly, one of the biggest issues non-profits run into is financial. Simply, there isn’t...
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university students studying
What Level of Education Should I Pursue?It can be difficult to figure out which level of education is right for you. Regardless of age, many people are still unsure about their dream career. If you feel the same, you’re not alone. Maybe you’re fresh out of high school or unhappy with your current job. Or...
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