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a woman writing personal essays
The Point of Personal EssaysFor those who have a story or lesson to tell or share with the world, personal essays can be a great outlet. Unlike academic essays, personal essays provide an opportunity for self-expression and storytelling. Academic writing often asks students to remove themselves from the paper, speak with authority, and use outside...
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a student learning academic essay writing
Why Academic Essay Writing Takes Time to MasterWhen it comes to academic essay writing, mastering the art involves more than just presenting information—it requires an understanding of the key elements of the form. Formal tone, proper structure, and the use of appropriate language are paramount for effective communication and academic success. Additionally, students who wish...
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rules for editing your essay: write without fear, edit without mercy
Importance of Editing Your EssayIf you’ve already taken your first English 101 course, you’ve probably had the importance of editing your essay pounded into your head. Most introductory writing courses will involve a lesson or two on proofreading and editing. But do you actually edit your essays before turning them in? If you answered no,...
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keys to a rental property
Importance of Tenant Relationship ManagementThousands of people every year take their first step into the world of real estate management, hoping to start their portfolio and earn some extra income. However, most discover that real estate management isn’t quite the passive income they were hoping for. A lot goes into being a good landlord or...
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a woman writing in front of a floral arrangement
Why Writing Engaging Essays MattersEvery semester, students around the world struggle to write engaging essays. Indeed, it’s not easy to come up with an outstanding original essay for every essay assignment in every class. Students deal with high levels of stress trying to come up with an original idea, organize their thoughts, find good sources,...
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virtual assistant empowers entrepreneur by completing tasks
Virtual Assistants Empower Entrepreneurs and Small BusinessesVirtual assistants are freelancers or contractors that other companies and individuals can hire to complete and maintain daily tasks. Often, they’ll send emails, take phone calls, schedule meetings, and handle travel details for their employers. They may also transcribe documents and organize files. Basically, they handle the little details...
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confident student
Benefits of Being a Confident StudentHaving confidence in yourself in college can benefit you in a variety of ways. For one, it can help you find the motivation to complete your assignments and study in a timely fashion, as you’re not entirely dreading the work ahead of you. You may not especially enjoy writing essays,...
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woman grant writing for nonprofits
Why Grant Writing for Nonprofits is ImportantNonprofit organizations, as their name implies, don’t earn money like normal businesses. Legally, they cannot rely on sales or paid-for services, known as unrelated business activities, to maintain their nonprofit status. Instead, they must earn their income through “related business activities” which are events related to their mission statement....
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