Undergraduate Program

Administrative Medical Assistant Program

Program Highlights
  •  16 Week Program
  •  Accredited
  •  Instructor Assistance
  •  Your Own Success Coach
  •  Books Included in Tuition

Start your medical career as a medical office assistant. Our Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate allows you to get a fast start in healthcare—in as few as 4 months.

Earning a Certificate is a valued credential that employers seek. Our career-focused program is fully online and offers flexible scheduling. In as little as 16 weeks, you could acquire the kind of customer service and office management professionalism that makes a real difference in the lives of others.

Our relevant curriculum includes specific coursework for Medical Administration, Healthcare Administrative Office Procedures, and Medical Billing and Insurance to help you develop confidence and practical experience that employers value:

  • Learn how to manage an efficient healthcare office environment.
  • Enhance your professional communication skills for a variety of medical practices.
  • Become proficient with the technology used to manage patients and their health records.
  • Understand the framework of healthcare and learn to work with various healthcare systems.
  • Develop skills to prepare and process medical claim forms.

When you want to continue your education, you can seamlessly transfer your education into our Healthcare Associate’s degree.

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Program Outcomes
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What You Receive
Career Outlook
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Program Outcomes
  • Discuss the daily activities of an Administrative Medical Assistant
  • Demonstrate professional communication in the medical workplace
  • Identify ethical issues related to Administrative Medical Assisting
  • Awareness of HIPAA and other patient privacy regulations and guidelines
  • Engage in proper professional relationships with patients and clients
  • Demonstrate the ability to navigate medical records and office equipment
  • Familiar with CPT Coding changes and updates
  • Familiar with insurance claims forms
  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in proper bookkeeping practices
  • Apply medical terminology to the Medical Assisting process

This 600 clock hour program is designed to prepare you for an exciting career as an Administrative Medical Assistant.

Lesson Number


Lesson 1

Medical Terminology and NHA Registration


Lesson 2

Competency-Based Education and the Medical Assistant

Lesson 3

Professional Behavior in the Workplace/ Therapeutic Communication

Lesson 4

Medicine and Law

Lesson 5

Medicine and Ethics/ Technology and Written Communication in the Medical Office

Lesson 6

Telephone Techniques (Scheduling Appointments and Patient Processing)

Lesson 7

Daily Operations in the Ambulatory Care Setting: The Health Record 

Lesson 8

Administrative Pharmacology Applications: Basics of Diagnostic Coding

Lesson 9

Basics of Procedural Coding/ Basics of Health Insurance

Lesson 10

Medical Billing and Reimbursement: Patient Accounts, Collections, and Practice Management

Lesson 11

Banking Services and Procedures/ Supervision and Human Resource Management

Lesson 12

Medical Practice Marketing and Customer Service/ Safety and Emergency Practices

Lesson 13

Career Development and Life Skills

Lesson 14

Medical Assistant Interview 

Lesson 15

The Future in Medical Assisting

Lesson 16

Final Examination 

TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS The following lists the minimum recommended hardware and software requirements a student will need to successfully access Lakewood College’s online academic programs: Audio: sound card and speakers or headphones for listening Internet connection: 56 Kbps for self-paced courses (caution: if the video is present, it may be poor at this speed) Screen resolution: at least 800 x 600 Internet browser: IE 7 or greater, Firefox 2 or greater, browser set to accept cookies and to show the newest version of a page Media Player such Windows Media Player, Camtasia, or Vidster (all of which can be downloaded for free at the respective websites). Pop-up blocker must be disabled **For optimal results the following is recommended: Internet connection: Cable modem, DSL or better (required for high-quality video) Screen resolution: 1024 x 768

State requirements

A career in this field may require you to meet certain licensing, training, and other requirements that can vary by vocation and state. You should check with your state, local government, and/or licensing board to find out which requirements may be applicable in your state. Click here for contact information on state licensing/regulatory boards and certain professional licensing information.

What You Receive

Lakewood University provides everything you need for the Administrative Medical Assistant Professional. You will receive,

  • Comprehensive Administrative Medical Assistant text & study guides
  • Career search & time management guides
  • Open-book, online exams
  • Instructor guidance and unlimited tutoring
  • Your own Student Success Coach!
  • Access to our online library
  • Networking with Lakewood’s active student and alumni social community
Career Outlook

The latest data collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics can be found here: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/medical-assistants.htm 

Program Cost
Payment PlanTotal TuitionEnroll
Pay in full
Payment in full: $7,400.00
Tuition: $7,400.00

Lakewood University provides all textbooks, study guides, supplemental materials, achievement exams, and instructional support at no cost to the student.

This is a 600 clock hour program with a tuition cost of $12.33 per clock hour (600 clock hours X $12.33 per clock hour = $7400.00 in tuition).

Administrative Fees (in addition to the tuition above)

Application Fee- $75 for degree programs; $0 for vocational programs

Registration Fee – $200 for degree programs; $125 for vocational programs

Library Fee – $100 per degree semester; $250 per vocational program term