Department Chairs

Responsibilities of the Department Chair

The Chair emerges from the faculty to assume a leadership role in the department. The Chair serves as a mentor to faculty colleagues and as a collaborator with other university administrative officers, interprets university policy, advocates for his or her department from a perspective of the best overall interests of the University, lead faculty in important processes that shape the curriculum and have an impact on the learning of students and effectively articulates department and university missions to internal and external constituencies.

All of this is accomplished through effective communication. The Chief Academic Officer and School Deans provide support, mentoring, and, where appropriate, more formal professional development opportunities for Chairs in helping them fulfill these roles.

Find the Department Chair for each of the areas at Lakewood University

Erin Hill, Esquire

Department Chair for Legal & Instructor
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Dr. Mia Simmons

Department Chair for Information Technology & Instructor
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Dr. Mike Cattermole

Department Chair for Business & Instructor
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Ollie Thomas

Pharmacy Technician Department Chair & Instructor
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Haley Pavic

Department Chair of General Studies
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