October 2022


motivational speaking class
What You Can Learn from a Motivational Speaking Class Do you have a story that you think can move and help thousands of people? Have you always dreamed of using your words to change lives? If you answered yes, you may have the makings of a great motivational speaker. But you may not know how...
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on phone in front of computer
Common Distractions While Studying OnlineIn today’s digital world, a million different things are vying for our attention. Ads, games, social media, and more constantly flash across our screens and ding our phones. In 2018, a survey suggested that 75% of Americans struggle to keep focus at work due to digital notifications. Thus, it should be...
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virtual assistant on computer
The Need for a Virtual Assistant in Business TodayA virtual assistant can be a lifesaver for small businesses across the country. These professionals help complete tasks that smaller companies don’t have the staff or time for. Indeed, administrative positions are the most common for virtual assistants as small business owners can’t afford to hire anyone...
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online class
Increased Popularity in Online ClassesThe pandemic proved that online classes can be difficult to traverse. Between the stress of covid-19 and unfamiliarity with virtual classrooms, colleges worldwide saw a drop in overall grades over the last few years. Additionally, students reported that it impacted their performance and comfort overall. Many reported feeling frustrated, disconnected, and...
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Graduating College Soon?Senior year of college is an exciting time for many. Knowing you’re so close to graduating college feels like a relief. The constant studying and essay-writing is almost done. You’re about to be free from the on-campus dining options and that roommate you really don’t like. And it’s nearly time to start your...
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college campus
Is Living Off Campus Right for You?Each year, thousands of students begin their educational journey. Whether fresh out of high school or returning to college later in life, they decide it’s time to get a degree. Many factors go into choosing a school, including the majors offered, campus culture, and distance from home. Notably, more...
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frustrated student biting pencil, wanting to drop that class
Think You Might Drop That Class?Students across the country drop out of classes for various reasons. Sometimes it’s a matter of not liking the professor or being confused by a course. Other times, something serious happens in their lives, and they can’t focus. Many students have very good reasons for dropping out. But there are...
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mental health matters, what to do when you're overwhelmed by college
When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed by CollegeIt’s no secret that college can be hard. Students sacrifice their free time to study, attend lectures, and write essays. They’ll spend hours each day on work that can impact their future. Meanwhile, they’re expected to plan their life, often before the age of 21. Indeed, what college major they...
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man considering the popular college majors
Popular College Majors to ConsiderIf you’re having trouble deciding your college major, you’ve probably considered the more popular ones. Fields like business, healthcare, and communications always reach the top spots in enrollment statistics. Notably, some students will enroll in these programs as they’re more generalized, with the opportunity to specialize. In other words, they open...
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