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woman working from home at a no phone, fully remote job
What are No Phone, Fully Remote Jobs?If you’ve been on social media or job boards lately, you may have seen people searching for “no phone, fully remote” jobs. This type of position has become a holy grail for some individuals who don’t like more traditional career paths. For some, these preferences might seem extreme or...
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virtual assistant on computer
The Need for a Virtual Assistant in Business TodayA virtual assistant can be a lifesaver for small businesses across the country. These professionals help complete tasks that smaller companies don’t have the staff or time for. Indeed, administrative positions are the most common for virtual assistants as small business owners can’t afford to hire anyone...
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professional working on her laptop as a medical billing and coding
What’s the Difference Between Medical Coding & Medical Billing?Medical billing and medical coding are vital jobs that help keep hospitals and doctor’s offices running. They work behind the scenes ensuring patients, hospitals, and insurance companies receive the correct information and bills. Sometimes, these roles are combined into a single position. However, many hospitals still hire...
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working from home, wfh, work from home, home office, workspace
What Goes Into Working from Home? If you’re looking for the work-from-home job of your dreams or already have one, you’ve likely thought about your ideal workspace. Working from home comes with several benefits. For example, you get to spend time with your family and pets, it’s safer, and you can relax in a comfier...
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work from home
Work From Home Jobs You Should Look IntoDuring the pandemic, many of us became accustomed to working from home. We can get chores done during our breaks, take care of pets and children, and cut out the commute. Basically, it helped our work-life balance stay a little more balanced. Many workers have also reported being...
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