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Virtual Assistants Empower Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Virtual assistants are freelancers or contractors that other companies and individuals can hire to complete and maintain daily tasks. Often, they’ll send emails, take phone calls, schedule meetings, and handle travel details for their employers. They may also transcribe documents and organize files. Basically, they handle the little details and work that constantly piles up. Virtual assistants especially empower entrepreneurs who often have to handle every aspect of a company.

Truly, when a business is just starting, it’s usually impossible to bring on employees immediately. There’s simply not enough money to go around. In-house assistants are usually hired for part-time or full-time work, meaning their pay will be about the same every week. Virtual assistants, however, can be paid just for the time they are needed. Notably, virtual assistants cut operating costs by 78% on average.

This pay method works out for virtual assistants as they aren’t just working for one business at a time. Rather, their time will be split between multiple companies, unless otherwise discussed.

Keep reading to learn more about how these individuals work with and empower small businesses.

4 Ways Virtual Assistants Empower Entrepreneurs

Today, businesses and entrepreneurs deal with a lot more daily tasks than ever before. They must handle chat, email, text, online reviews, and phone communications in addition to possible in-person customers. Social media is a must for almost all companies. Additionally, marketing has become more complex and evolved. And entrepreneurs usually have to handle all of this on top of their daily business and maintenance of their building or area.

To make things more difficult for new businesses, the time they have to reply to customers across all fronts is decreasing rapidly. If you don’t respond quickly, people become disinterested and look elsewhere. Thus, chats, emails, texts, and phone calls must be returned as soon as possible. For some running their own business, ASAP might be tomorrow, which in turn is too late.

Virtual assistants fill this gap and help empower entrepreneurs to focus on the major aspects of running their businesses. For creators, this may mean making the products they’re selling. A cleaning company can focus more on building its reputation by taking on more jobs.

Overall, there are many ways that virtual assistants are vital for entrepreneurs in this day and age.

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1. Day-to-Day Tasks

Of course, we’ve mentioned several tasks that virtual assistants can assist with such as customer inquiries and communications and organization and scheduling. Indeed, the daily tasks that most companies have to handle take up a majority of an entrepreneur’s day. Studies show that, on average, 28% of work time is spent on email alone. Once you add in everything else, you’re looking at half of your day gone, and you haven’t even gotten to the most important bits.

Virtual assistants empower entrepreneurs through task delegation and management. The business owner can focus on core responsibilities and rely on their assistants to hold down the fort.

These employees are flexible and are willing and able to take on specialized tasks. Thus, you can train them to communicate tactfully and in a way that is appropriate for your business. And if you work in a specialized field, you’ll likely be able to find a virtual assistant who knows the field well.

2. Prioritized Communication

Of course, having your emails answered is great, but virtual assistants won’t be able to reply to every message in your inbox. Another way they can help is by prioritizing and organizing your inbox. They’ll take care of the general communications and make sure no one goes without an answer while alerting you to the urgent ones.

They’ll also make sure you don’t miss a meeting when someone has to reschedule or cancel.

Some fields are also prone to receive spam or scam communications from outside companies. For example, some businesses may be contacted by people who want to sell you bad information or worthless technology. Virtual assistants can research everyone who reaches out to you and make sure you’re only talking to legitimate contacts.

And even when the emails are legit, the average worker still receives around 121 per day.

Ultimately, they empower entrepreneurs to feel confident with whom they’re talking to and know that nothing important is buried in their inbox.

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3. Planning, Scheduling, and Logistics

Planning a business trip can take up a lot of time. You have to figure out your flight, transportation, hotel, schedule, and more. Virtual assistants know every aspect that goes into planning and scheduling trips as part of their job. They’ll make sure you have everything you need and are within a reasonable travel distance of your venue. Thus, you can rest easy knowing your trip is handled.

This service will cut hours out of your scheduling time. You won’t need to worry about calling restaurants to schedule reservations. And if you need special accommodations, the virtual assistant will handle the phone calls to all relevant services.

In the end, they empower entrepreneurs to continue working right up until their flight. And if something needs to be changed at the last second, they’ll be available to help.

4. The Unexpected

Finally, virtual assistants may come with unexpected benefits and talents that will help support your business. Entrepreneurs often need or want support in several areas, from accounting to marketing to SEO work. Just as virtual assistants can specialize in certain fields, such as healthcare, they may also have other skills that you can utilize.

Thus, if you have a task you need help with that doesn’t fall under the usual email and scheduling umbrella, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Virtual assistants empower entrepreneurs by filling a variety of gaps in their companies.

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