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confident student
Benefits of Being a Confident StudentHaving confidence in yourself in college can benefit you in a variety of ways. For one, it can help you find the motivation to complete your assignments and study in a timely fashion, as you’re not entirely dreading the work ahead of you. You may not especially enjoy writing essays,...
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woman making a heart with her hands; getting through hard times
What to Do When You’re Going Through Hard timesMost of us have gone through hard times in one way or another. Maybe we’ve lost a loved one, faced a big failure in school or at work, or found ourselves overwhelmed by everything happening around us. Truly, life doesn’t always go our way and sometimes it...
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student preparing for his daily commute
Why Being Mentally Prepared for College MattersStudents across the country experience culture shock during their first year on campus. They’re thrown off by the big changes to their lives and the amount of work they must complete each day. Often, students from less diverse areas are surprised by how diverse most campuses are. On top...
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lit forest, sign saying hope
The College Mental Health CrisisCollege students are one of the most stressed populations in the United States. Notably, some schools report that upwards of half of their student body report feeling moderate or severe stress. Between rigorous classes, essays and exams, and regular life events, this population can find it difficult to manage their mental...
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