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Is a Gap Year Right for Me?Whether you just finished high school or your degree, you’re probably thinking about what comes next. Maybe you have a job in mind or a field that interests you. Or perhaps you’re thinking about going back to school. For high school graduates, it’s often the most obvious and expected...
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How to Use Your Creativity at WorkBeing a creative in a non-creative role can feel draining. You work day after day on reports and don’t get the opportunity to express yourself. Indeed, being in the wrong work environment can be exhausting and leave you feeling unsatisfied. But we don’t all have the option to find...
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Common Struggles of First-Generation StudentsMany first-generation college students have a hard time in their first year at school. Often, these individuals feel lost or unprepared for the university experience. Notably, the dropout rate for low-income first-gen students is quadruple compared to continuing-generation students. A staggering 89% don’t receive their college degree.Students who drop out cite...
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The College Mental Health CrisisCollege students are one of the most stressed populations in the United States. Notably, some schools report that upwards of half of their student body report feeling moderate or severe stress. Between rigorous classes, essays and exams, and regular life events, this population can find it difficult to manage their mental...
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Stay Focused in the SummerAs we’ve officially reached summer, students are realizing it can be difficult to focus when they’re used to being off. Indeed, it can be hard to stay on track when the weather is nice. You may want to travel or go to amusement parks and zoos. If you have kids, they’ll...
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What is Self-Care?You’ve probably heard the term “self-care” used quite a bit over the past few years. It became a common topic during the pandemic as we all dealt with the new stresses of quarantine. However, even as the world reopens, self-care remains an important topic. We need to take care of ourselves to stay...
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