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Why Grant Writing for Nonprofits is ImportantNonprofit organizations, as their name implies, don’t earn money like normal businesses. Legally, they cannot rely on sales or paid-for services, known as unrelated business activities, to maintain their nonprofit status. Instead, they must earn their income through “related business activities” which are events related to their mission statement....
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Engaging Funders Through Narrative: Storytelling in Grant WritingMost prospective grant writers are aware of what makes grant writing more complex than other forms of writing. Grant writing is a multi-step process structured by several rules and guidelines. You must know key historical data, do in-depth research, and prove why your nonprofit deserves a grant more...
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Why Get a Grant Writing CertificatePart of what makes grant writing appealing is that you don’t need a formal education to succeed in the field. There is no minimum education requirement and many choose to work as freelancers. Yet, many new grant writers choose to earn their grant writing certificate.As many aspiring non-profits discover, writing...
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Improving Your Non-ProfitRunning a non-profit is hard work. Many devise a brilliant idea to help their community but stall on the logistics. You need to know how to find money, maintain a budget, and keep your team on track to succeed. Truly, one of the biggest issues non-profits run into is financial. Simply, there isn’t...
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