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What You May Have Heard About Online ClassesYou’ve likely heard negative rumors about online schools. For example, people sometimes say it’s not real, it’s a scam, and it’s easier than going to a “real” college. Online classes have recently gotten more respect due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, there are still several misconceptions out there.Notably, accredited online schools are some of the most regulated in the industry. They have to...
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Stay Focused in the SummerAs we’ve officially reached summer, students are realizing it can be difficult to focus when they’re used to being off. Indeed, it can be hard to stay on track when the weather is nice. You may want to travel or go to amusement parks and zoos. If you have kids, they’ll be out of school. However, taking advantage of summer courses can be very valuable. Below,...
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What is Self-Care?You’ve probably heard the term “self-care” used quite a bit over the past few years. It became a common topic during the pandemic as we all dealt with the new stresses of quarantine. However, even as the world reopens, self-care remains an important topic. We need to take care of ourselves to stay healthy and happy.Self-care is the practice of promoting health and happiness in your life. What...
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Knowing How to Write Matters Students in STEM and business fields sometimes go through college wondering why they need to know how to write. After all, they won’t be crafting essays for work in the real world. These students may feel frustrated when they lose points for poor grammar, spelling, or writing errors. However, most of us use our writing skills every day after graduation. Writing well often translates to...
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What are Soft Skills? If you pay attention to the business world, you may have heard the term “soft skills” thrown around lately. Notably, soft skills are becoming more important for hirability and promotions. Employers want people to have more than the abilities they learn in school or the field. So, what are soft skills? Employers today focus on communication, conflict resolution, and similar qualities in their applicants and current...
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