January 2023


qualities and skills
Working as a manager is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs and roles one can undertake for various reasons. From dealing with complex organizational needs to understanding and working alongside multiple people, supervising, managing, mentoring, and encouraging them, to handling your own professional development, it’s quite challenging.
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A healthcare administrator works on their laptop with a stethoscope beside them.
Hospitals and healthcare systems are highly complex, with many processes, organizational structures, and hierarchies in place, and healthcare administrators are central to most of them.
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unhappy with your job
What to Do When You’re Unhappy with Your JobChances are that your first job won’t be your final one. Most people today switch positions, companies, or even fields every few years for a variety of reasons. Perhaps something upsetting happened at work or they’ve simply outgrown their job or company. Notably, these employees may have...
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learning about grant writing for nonprofits to win grants
Grants, Scholarships, and Financial AidIf you’ve ever considered applying to college, you’ve likely looked into college financial aid. Grants, scholarships, and loans can be overwhelming to look into, as you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of options online. And, unfortunately, not all are trustworthy or as helpful as they should be. Predatory businesses target the...
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