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Virtual Assistant

Program Description

To prepare students to start a business, obtain work, and build a career as a virtual assistant by providing them with a strong background in business and web writing, communication, presentation, branding, independent contractor management and marketing skills.

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Program Outcomes
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What You Receive
Career Outlook
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Program Outcomes
  • Recognize available opportunities for virtual assistant work in a variety of career and
    skill areas.
  • Outline the methods of effective interpersonal and written communication.
  • Communicate with correct use of the English language.
  • Create simple graphics.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with a variety of computer and web-based business applications.
  • Interpret data using computational and analytical skills.
  • Describe the culture, standards, practices, and needs of the business sector.
  • Identify methods of individual and business marketing using the web and traditional
  • Discuss the elements, variables, and life cycle of a contract and the roles and
    responsibilities of the signatories.
  • Develop effective strategies for building and managing a successful freelance career as a
    virtual assistant.
  • Describe how to use online and traditional job search tools and resources to locate and
    secure work.
  • Develop a marketing plan.
Program Outline
What You Receive

Lakewood University provides everything you need for the Executive Virtual Assistant Program. You will receive:

  • Comprehensive textbooks & study guides
  • Career search & time management guides
  • Open-book, online exams
  • Instructor guidance and unlimited tutoring
  • Your own Student Success Coach!
  • Access to our online library!
  • Networking with Lakewood’s active student and alumni social community
Career Outlook

A virtual office assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative support to individuals, consultants, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized businesses via the internet. Being a virtual office assistant requires specific technical skills and the ability to create, manage, and market a virtual office.

While virtual office assistants do not have their own particular category in the Bureau of Labor Occupation Outlook Handbook, they are mentioned under “Office and Administrative Support,” which is expected to grow 12% between 2012 and 2022. Due to the projected growth of this industry and the general trend towards hiring virtual assistants in the 21st Century, especially in the post-pandemic era, this career is a great choice.

Program Cost
Payment PlanTotal TuitionEnroll
Pay in full
Payment in full: $7,400.00
Tuition: $7,400.00

Lakewood University provides all textbooks, study guides, supplemental materials, achievement exams, and instructional support at no cost to the student.

This is a 600 clock hour program with a tuition cost of $12.33 per clock hour (600 clock hours X $12.33 per clock hour = $7400.00 in tuition).

Administrative Fees (in addition to the tuition above)

Application Fee- $75 for degree programs; $0 for vocational programs

Registration Fee – $200 for degree programs; $125 for vocational programs

Library Fee – $100 per degree semester; $250 per vocational program term