Undergraduate Program

Distance Education Disclosure

Lakewood University courses and programs are 100% distance education with no residency requirement. Dormitory facilities, housing availability, and institutional assistance with housing is not offered and does not apply. Undergraduate coursework is delivered through our online Learning Management System (LMS), accessible via secured username and password through the Lakewood University Student Portal at www.mylakewoodcollege.com This course delivery platform is designed with an easy-to-use student interface. The LMS is used by students and faculty members for course syllabus, course work, and grading. Supported by the course instructor and the accompanying textbook, the LMS is the students’ online classroom.

Students may begin the Lakewood University orientation shortly after enrollment. Students are required to complete classroom orientation prior to starting their first course. The purpose of the orientation is to help the student navigate the LMS, understand the process for successfully completing a course, and utilize all helpful student resources.

So earn your degree on your terms. Enroll in Lakewood University, and get a world-class education right from the comfort of your own home!