Sharee McCants

Sharee McCants

Advisory Board Member

Favorite Quote: “Procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes you another opportunity to do what you already has time to do.”

~Unknown Author



My name is Sharee, known by many as the Bald Haute girl.

For an extended portion of my life, my lack of high self-esteem and my flawed body image robbed me of my self expression.

Leading up to the year 2009, dealing with hair loss from Alopecia left me feeling powerless. Unbeknownst to me, 2009 would be my year of breakthrough and fitness was the hammer.

Improving my fitness gave me a sense of control that was once lost. Feeling my muscles become stronger and seeing my body transform in the mirror made me feel powerful!

Amazed at how purposeful nutrition planning and structured workout routines could mentally and physically transform the human body, I had to share the secret so I became a health and wellness coach!

I am dedicated to empowering women, who are at the central period of their life to embrace the beauty of the physical, mental and emotional shifts that occur during this midlife phase.


  • Associate of Applied Science, Cuyahoga Community College
  • Personal Training Certification, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • STRONG by Zumba Instructor, Certified