Clifton Roberts

Clifton Roberts

Governing Board Member, Treasurer

Favorite Quote: “Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” – G.K. Chesterton


Clifton has been with Intel Corporation for over a decade and currently serves as Global Director within the company’s International Trade Group. In this role, Clifton has had the opportunity to work with top government officials from Canada, Brazil, Estonia, Columbia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, the US, and more. Clifton hopes to continue his work with similar agents of global change as it relates to international trade, the fuel of the world’s digital economy. Clifton is a published author outlining Intel’s posture on a variety of subjects including export, customs, trade, and cross-border data altruism. Clifton is passionate about advancing social equality through participation in several efforts and a highlight of his career is having met with former Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss Intel’s Black Equality & Social Transformation (BEST) proposal which outlined a proposed 8-point plan of leadership, underscoring Intel’s commitment to confronting social justice inequities. Also well-known for his animal and environmental rights activism, Clifton lives in Marysville, CA on a ranch where he and his family care for nearly 20 horses.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Political Science / Communication, University of California, Berkeley
  • Design Emphasis, University of California, Berkeley