Internal Loan Forgiveness

Lakewood University Internal Loan Forgiveness Program

At Lakewood University our team’s goal is to help our students graduate as close to debt-free as possible. Hence we offer low-interest loans that do have to be repaid until 3 months after graduation. These loans cover the cost of tuition and fees only. These loans are available only to students that have no other way to finance their education.

As such, those students that must take out a private loan to attend have the option to apply for forgiveness of their loan at the conclusion of their studies with us.

Qualifying for the Lakewood University Forgiveness Program

To qualify you must:

  1. Complete your program on time without interruption.
  2. Maintain a G.P.A. of 3.5 or higher the entire time of attendance.
  3. Apply for forgiveness within 90 days of graduation.
  4. Take and pass any national certifying examination (s) associated with your program of choice within 90 days of graduation.
  5. Maintain “Satisfactory” academic status the entire time while attending.
  6. Obtain a position within the field you graduated from when you obtained the loan within 90 days of graduation.