GED (Prep)

Program Highlights
  •    52 Week Program
  •    Accredited
  •    Instructor Assistance
  •    Your Own Success Coach
  •    Books Included in Tuition

A high school diploma equivalent can be your passport to a more interesting and better-paying job. Those who do not complete high school will earn, on average, between $280,000 and $350,000 less than high school graduates during their working life, according to the Social Security Administration. 

Lakewood University offers a comprehensive program for people preparing to take the GED tests. The program emphasizes the skills and strategies necessary for students placing at beginning high school reading and math levels to successfully complete the four GED tests: Social Studies, Science, Reasoning through Language Arts, and Mathematical Reasoning.

Once a student has successfully passed the GED, then they may enroll in any certificate, associate or bachelor’s degree program at Lakewood University.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Nelson Mandela


Program Outcomes
Program Outline
What You Receive
Career Outlook
Program Cost

After completing the Lakewood University GED Preparation Program students will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Social Studies
  • Develop skills in Language Arts to meet the GED Target
  • Understand the core components of natural science to meet the GED Target
  • Develop basic level Math skills to meet the GED Target

Lesson 1 – GED Writing & Language Targets

Lesson 2 – GED Reading Targets

Lesson 3 – GED Math Targets

Lesson 4 – GED Science Targets

Lesson 5 – GED Social Studies Targets

What You Receive

Lakewood University provides everything you need for the GED (Prep). You will receive:

  •  Comprehensive study guides
  •  Career search & time management guides
  •  Open-book, online exams
  •  Instructor guidance and unlimited tutoring
  •  Your own Student Success Coach!
  •  Access to our online library!
  •  Awarding of your credential at Lakewood University’s online graduation ceremonies.
  •  Networking with Lakewood’s active student and alumni social community
  •  The ability to enroll in any of Lakewood University’s certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree programs upon successful completion.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly income for an individual without a high school diploma or equivalent is $592.00 USD*.

The median weekly income for an individual with a high school diploma or equivalent rises to $746.00 US.

That is a 20% increase in earnings.

*Source: Elka Torpey, “Education pays,” Career Outlook, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, February 2019.

Some typical career outlooks for those individuals who earn a high school diploma or equivalent:

  • Personal care aide
  • Home health aide
  • Customer service representative
  • Medical secretaries/assistant
  • Maintenance and repair worker
  • Sales representative
  • Social and human services assistant
  • Receptionist
  • Office clerk
Program Cost
Payment Plan Total Tuition Enroll
Pay in full
Payment in full: $599.00
Tuition: $599.00

Lakewood University provides all textbooks, study guides, supplemental materials, achievement exams, and instructional support at no cost to the student.

Administrative Fees (in addition to the tuition above)

Application Fee- $75 for degree programs; $0 for vocational programs

Registration Fee – $200 for degree programs; $125 for vocational programs

Library Fee – $100 per degree semester; $250 per vocational program term