Academic Status

Academic Persistence Policy: 

To maintain satisfactory Academic Persistence all students are required to: 

  • Regularly participate in their specified academic program by logging on to the student portal. 
  • Turn in assignments on a weekly basis. 

If a student fails to meet the academic persistence requirements on a weekly basis, their academic status will change to Unsatisfactory academic persistence. Unsatisfactory academic persistence results in increased support from the student’s success coach via email and phone calls. The success coach will attempt to work with the student to determine the best method to return the student to satisfactory academic persistence. 

If a student continues to make poor academic progress, that student may be placed on Unacceptable academic persistence. Unacceptable academic persistence is a severe level of academic standing and is the last level of academic persistence before disciplinary measures up to dismissal are implemented. Students on unacceptable academic persistence will receive regular support from their student success coach and the faculty at Lakewood University to bring them back to satisfactory persistence. 

Expected Weekly Academic Persistence Policy 

To ensure that students adequately progress academically through their program and complete it in a timely manner, all students are required to complete assignments as outlined below: 

Students in 6-month vocational programs are required to complete 3 full lessons per month to remain in satisfactory academic persistence. 

Students in 9-month vocational programs are required to complete 2 full lessons per month to remain in satisfactory academic persistence. 

Students in 16-week courses (vocational) are required to complete 1 full lesson per week to remain in satisfactory academic persistence. 

Students in a degree program course are required to complete 2 full lessons per week to remain in satisfactory academic persistence.  


Number of Lessons Behind in Program 

Academic Persistence 

0 Lessons 


1-5 Lessons 


6+ Lessons 



Failure To Meet Academic Persistence Requirements 

Academic Dismissal 

Lakewood University reserves the right to dismiss students whose academic persistence is substandard. Factors considered will include, but are not limited to, the number of failing grades, past academic performance, the number of withdrawn courses, and the probability of achieving good persistence classification within a reasonable time frame. Students are subject to academic dismissal (without a review period) from the program for a full calendar year if their GPA falls below 1.0 or if they withdraw from the majority of courses (3) attempted in the last term. 

Appeal or reinstatement from academic dismissal shall be made to the Academic Appeals Committee as directed by the Dean. 

Student Dismissal 

Students who: (1) fail to adhere to Lakewood University’s academic persistence policy; (2) fail to pay their tuition; (3) or fail to follow Lakewood University’s policies, procedures, or bylaws; or do not follow the required course persistence policy, will be dismissed from Lakewood University. 


Any student who is inactive (has not logged in or submitted work for 21 days or more), and is one lesson behind or more, will be academically dismissed. The student may appeal the dismissal. The dismissed student has three days to submit the dismissal to the Academic Dean. During these three days, the student will also be given an opportunity to complete additional work. 

Multiple Dismissal Policy 

If a student is marked for dismissal more than two times within six months, the student will be dismissed immediately. There will be no opportunity for petition or appeal. If a student is dismissed because of violating this policy, the student may be eligible for re-enrollment, per the re-enrollment policy. Keep in mind that this re-enrollment does not reset or erase the previous dismissals. Therefore, if dismissal is begun again, it will be added to the previous count. 


Referral/Assistance Policy 

Student persistence is monitored weekly. Incases where a student falls behind, the success coach will suggest helpful resources or specific assistance. When a student displays repeated examples of deficient performance (failing test grades or assignments in multiple lessons), the student is expected to use the suggested resources and make improvements. 


**Note to Veteran Students Receiving Veteran Education Benefits: Veteran students that receive educational veteran benefits are required to remain full-time through the duration of their program. If a student receiving VA benefits should fail to remain in full-time status, Lakewood University will submit VA Form 22-1999b to the VA notifying them of the reduction in hours/termination of their enrollment during and/or after the initial certification period. A veteran is considered full-time when completing at least 25 clock hours per week of academic activities for vocational programs or enrolled in at least 12 credit hours in the degree programs. Veterans must adhere to the above expected weekly persistence policy.