How the Fitness Industry Changed Forever After COVID-19

A person rests on their exercise mat during a workout.

The fitness industry is constantly evolving. New workout styles, new scientific evidence, new practices, new technology, and new clientele; the changes are always present.

However, COVID truly accelerated these changes and transformed fitness from something inaccessible and exclusive to something within everyone’s reach. In fact, jobs in the fitness industry are some of the most viable opportunities for budding professionals.

Among the most significant changes the industry has seen, here are a few notable factors:

Many traditional gyms shut down

About 15% of traditional gyms were shut down for good during the pandemic, causing a bit of a crisis within the fitness industry. This inevitably impacted businesses, trainers and fitness professionals, and clients significantly, leaving them without access to major spaces. The industry took a $15 bn hit as well, resulting in irreparable losses and damage that many businesses are struggling to cope with even now.

However, it’s important to note that clients are still interested in gym-based workouts, too, and continue to return to facilities that are operational.

A person works out at home while holding dumbbells.

The industry saw a rise in virtual workouts

While traditional gyms and workout facilities saw a decline, there was a jump in virtual workouts and at-home programs. Many trainers adapted quickly and efficiently, introducing accessible workouts that clients can follow from the comfort of their homes for a fraction of the price. The convenience and affordability of home-based workouts and virtual training ensured this trend would stick around for a long time. Many clients now prefer working out at home, and so do trainers who save on equipment and facility costs and can offer independent services.

New and exciting technology has emerged since

What’s especially exciting for fitness professionals and their clients is the emergence of new technology. You have augmented and virtual reality tools, apps for meditation and yoga, wearable tech and devices to track your progress, resources, and all kinds of tools that make fitness more accessible. The fitness industry is growing with consumer demands and complexity, and tech is playing a major role in that.

The fitness industry is seeing some amazing changes, and you can be a part of the revolution by investing in an undergraduate online certification. Specialize as a personal trainer, group fitness trainer, or coach, and begin your career in fitness. Register for our online certification programs today, or get in touch with us to learn more!