The Biggest Challenges Faced by Graduate Students

graduate students

Grad school is one of the most rewarding but challenges and difficult experiences graduate students can go through, due to many factors. These include the actual coursework, managing jobs and families, time constraints, etc.

While our Online Graduate Programs offer a lot more flexibility than conventional, in-person degrees, here are some of the most significant challenges that graduate students face across the board:  

Struggles with effective time management

87% of students admit to struggling with time management and that more effective strategies would help them get better grades. Graduate students are no exception to this statistic, and many struggle to meet deadlines and balance coursework, classes, and other commitments within their schedules. This is not surprising given most graduate programs’ tough schedules condense vast amounts of highly specialized information into 2-4 semesters.

Fortunately, our graduate programs offer a lot of support and flexibility to students, allowing them to complete their education quickly while still developing key skills.

graduate students

The significantly high cost of tuition and living

On average, grad school degrees can amount to over $100,000, a sum far too high for most people to afford without significant debt and with no guarantee of returns. Graduate school tuition, living costs, and other expenses can be the biggest deterrent and a major financial challenge for graduate students looking to invest in their education and professional development. The cost of obtaining a degree, especially at an advanced stage, could come at the cost of other opportunities such as homeownership, owning a vehicle, medical bills, and more.

Lakewood University, however, is committed to making quality graduate-level education more affordable and accessible thanks to subsidized tuition, generous financial aid, scholarships, and the biggest factor: online classes.

 Online Graduate Programs allow students to save on living costs, commuting, and other expenses and enjoy competitive tuition fees.

Poor work-life balance leading to burnout

Since many graduate students are adults, they likely work and study simultaneously, are in relationships, have kids, and have various other responsibilities. Combined with the intense load of their coursework, it’s difficult not to get burnt out and fatigued and struggle with balancing everything. Fortunately, studying online allows them to save time and achieve a better work-life balance.

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