Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a Paralegal

Benefits of Becoming a Paralegal

The Benefits of a Paralegal are really unavoidable. The paralegal industry has changed drastically since it was first recognized as a professional career option in the 1970s. Attorneys quickly realized a paralegal’s worth. As a result, salary and workplace satisfaction increased to bring in more employees. Over the last five decades, paralegal work maintained its popularity and value. While any profession has its ups and downs, becoming a paralegal has several benefits that make it a highly appealing career.

Benefits of a Paralegal

The Mejor Benefits of a Paralegal (Stability)

Lawyers are always needed, and lawyers will always require competent paralegals. As a result, the paralegal sector has a bright future. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 41,400 new paralegal jobs will be available by 2030. Between 2020 and 2030, this implies a 12 percent increase. As such, those looking to start a career as a paralegal don’t need to worry about job availability once they’ve earned their degree or certificate.

Minimal Education Requirements

Paralegals can earn an associate degree in one to two years to enter the field. Paralegals can succeed with a certificate or associate degree, unlike other professions requiring a bachelor’s or master’s degree to enter the area. Markedly, paralegal certificates enable individuals to get into a career, and those with specialized degrees often find higher-paying employment. Additionally, most attorneys prefer candidates who have graduated from an ABA-approved (American Bar Association) school.

The Benefits of a Paralegal (Client Support)

As a paralegal, you’ll get the chance to help others. Many of the clients you meet will go through one of the most challenging periods. Indeed, it is satisfying to help someone through a difficult situation and watch how much they gain from your support.

Possibility of Growth

Paralegals have the chance to progress inside the company and in their careers. For example, many people work up to supervisory or management positions. Further, some even use their experience to become an attorney themselves.

The Benefits of a Paralegal (Compensation)

In 2020, the typical annual salary for a paralegal was $52,920, with the top 25% making more than $67,080. Several factors play a role in compensation, including but not limited to:

  • The job’s physical location,
  • Size of the firm,
  • Government or private sector,
  • Paralegal’s knowledge and experience, and
  • Paralegal’s specialization or chosen area.

According to numerous sources, salaries will likely rise with the demand for more paralegals. Despite the recession and other economic challenges, paralegal incomes stayed stable or increased yearly. If past patterns are any indication, the average income will continue to climb in line with other professions.

The Benefits of a Paralegal (Specialization)

As a paralegal, you can specialize in a particular area of law and become certified as a specialist. Specialization usually results in a higher income and increased demand for your skills. You further specialize in an excellent approach for many freelance paralegals to promote themselves to law firms. Firms often look for individuals with a unique experiences to assist with particular cases.

A Step Towards Law School

As we mentioned before, some paralegals wind up going to law school. After acquiring a passion for the law, they’ll want to take the next step in the legal sphere. Notably, their prior education and experience give them a considerable advantage over someone who has never worked in the legal field.

Benefits of a Paralegal Job Opportunities

Paralegals are not limited to working at a law firm. Honestly, there are a variety of opportunities out there. For example, many find work in in-house legal departments. Businesses such as hospitals, banks, the military, government agencies, and insurance and finance companies often hire paralegals. Further, some paralegals work for paralegal organizations or teach at a vocational school or university.

Something New to Learn Every Day

You will not be bored as a paralegal. Indeed, every client and every scenario is unique. Regardless of your field, you’ll become an expert in many areas. Paralegals frequently perform a case’s technical investigation and collaborate closely with witnesses and experts. Additionally, paralegals typically learn more about a subject than anticipated during research. As a result, few days go the same when you work in law.

Ability to Work for Yourself

Benefits of a Paralegal are really indescribable. Paralegals can choose to freelance rather than work for a single firm. Notably, freelancers still operate under the direct supervision of an attorney as independent contractors. However, they can work from home or on a contract basis in an office. Freelancing is ideal for a paralegal who wants to run their own business, choose their clients, and establish their hours.

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to start your career, you will need a certificate or degree. The Lakewood University Paralegal Studies program prepares students to work as paralegal professionals. This course provides graduates with a Paralegal Certification to enter the field. Further, graduates are equipped for positions in businesses, firms, or non-profit organizations.

Additionally, we offer both an Associate and Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. These programs are designed to equip students with the skills further to help attorneys in transactional and legal matters. For example, the course materials instill the use of precise legal language and the application of technical skills. They prepare students for the scenarios they will come across as a paralegal.