Education Post-COVID: Are Online Schools The New Normal?

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The world has permanently changed after the pandemic and there is no way that we can go back to the previous ways of life. People want to do everything online nowadays – from ordering food to getting an education, so what’s the new normal?

The whole world is moving toward online education, which seems to be the new normal. Although it’s a convenient option, the question is if it is the best option for students around the world?

The Change is Here to Stay

Schools all around the world shut down during the pandemic for a long period. About 1.2 billion children were expected to be out of the classrooms due to lockdowns. To make sure that children get quality education without any delays, we witnessed the inception of online schools.

The rise of e-learning, where the teachers taught students over digital and remote platforms started to rise in popularity and soon every student was taking online classes. As children were unable to go to schools, classrooms were made accessible to students and changed the learning landscape forever.

According to statistics, online learning is associated with improved information retention among students. Considering the demand for online learning, different platforms are offering online courses for free to allow students to learn more.

The Future of Online Learning

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While a lot of people think that a whole new hybrid education model will emerge, others believe that it will end up with a poor user experience. Today, almost all universities—national or international—are offering online courses on their websites along with full-degree courses.

Students can get their bachelor’s or master’s degrees from the comfort of their homes. There are mixed reviews on the online learning aspect, but still, it’s practiced with full force in schools, colleges, and universities.

Online learning has helped in reaching more students than ever before. Students can now join classes through video meetings, group chats, document sharing, and so much more. Several new software is also designed to allow students to connect and form study groups for discussion.

What Do Students Say About Online Schools?

Students in developing countries are facing problems such as bandwidth availability and sustainability of devices. These are a few reasons why online education is disturbed and students are unable to study with full concentration. However, these issues can be resolved by opting for the best technology available to us.

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