Esteemed Lakewood College Approved for Name Change to Reflect New Bachelor and Master’s Level Degree Programs

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Lakewood College has now become Lakewood University.

Cleveland Heights, OH – Esteemed college, Lakewood College, is excited to announce they have been approved to change its name to Lakewood University, in order to reflect their new Bachelor and Master’s level degree programs.

Lakewood University is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides worldwide distance education for business, medical, and legal professions.  The college provides quality online programs that are both rigorous and able to be earned in a short period of time.

In the college’s recent news, Lakewood University submitted the formal application to change its name to Lakewood University and it was approved in this month.  The decision to request this name change is due to the fact the college is now offering brand new and highly anticipated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

“We are incredibly excited to announce our name change,” says the founder of Lakewood University, Tanya Haggins.  “We continuously strive to offer our students the most relevant and engaging programs available and our new Bachelor and Master’s programs reflect these goals.  We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback about our decision to offer such wonderful programs for our students and look forward to seeing our vision become realized with our official name change.”

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About Lakewood University

Lakewood University is a 100% accredited online college offering MBA, Bachelor’s, and Associate degrees, as well as certified programs in the medical, information technology, business, and legal fields. 

Lakewood University’s mission is to improve the quality of life of its students by providing excellent, affordable, and in-demand educational programs using various distance learning methods. 

The college enrolls students year-round, enabling them to immediately begin their program of choice at a time that is right for them.  Hundreds of students across the world have enrolled in Lakewood’s globally recognized programs.