Tangela N. Scott

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Tangela N. Scott

Director of Human Resources

Favorite Quote:  “The best return for one year is to grow grains. The best return for ten years is to grow trees. The best return for a lifetime is to educate people.” – Guan Zhong


Tangela is an experienced leader with more than 10 years of demonstrated success within an educational environment enhancing services, developing strategic initiatives, and building a positive reputation for high-quality business practices. Her passions lie in helping organizations find strategies to maximize efficiencies and operate at optimal service and production levels. 

Tangela is also a certified personal trainer as well as a group fitness and indoor cycling exercise instructor. She enjoys training and working with all fitness levels. “I believe that the body is designed for movement. Individually, we just have to take the initiative to move in a way that energizes our souls and fuels our wellness goals. Let’s move!”


  • B.A., Business Administration, Notre Dame College
  • Candidate, M.S.M., Case Western Reserve University