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Lakewood College has now become Lakewood University. Cleveland Heights, OH – Esteemed college, Lakewood College, is excited to announce they have been approved to change its name to Lakewood University, in order to reflect their new Bachelor and Master’s level degree programs. Lakewood University is...
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Lakewood University Offers Six Career Programs that Enable Graduates to Work from Home and Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic Upon Completion At-home careers are rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after options during this unprecedented time. Cleveland Heights, OH – Lakewood University is pleased to...
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Lakewood University Plans Donation to Operation Cuyahoga Cares in Order to Support Twelve Families in Need Families who have been hit the hardest by COVID-19 will benefit from the college’s donation. Cleveland Heights, OH – Lakewood University is humbled to announce it will be contributing...
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Lakewood University Partners with World-Renowned Motivational Speaker Eric Thomas, Ph.D. The partnership is designed to provide students with entrepreneurship and motivational speaker courses. Cleveland Heights, OH – Prestigious college, Lakewood University, is incredibly pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with world-renowned motivational speaker, Eric...
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Lakewood University Recognizes Esteemed Colleague, Dr. Nicolle Estevez, as First Ever Employee of the Quarter Dr. Estevez has gone above and beyond to enhance the well-being of the college’s students and staff. Cleveland Heights, OH – Renowned college, Lakewood University, is pleased to announce it...
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Esteemed Lakewood College Approved for Name Change to Reflect New Bachelor and Master’s Level Degree Programs
July 26, 2020
Graduates to Work from Home and Help Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic Upon Completion
June 25, 2020
Lakewood University Donated to Twelve Families in Need
June 17, 2020