No Phone, Fully Remote: Trending Job Search

woman working from home at a no phone, fully remote job
a woman working in a no phone fully remote job

What are No Phone, Fully Remote Jobs?

If you’ve been on social media or job boards lately, you may have seen people searching for “no phone, fully remote” jobs. This type of position has become a holy grail for some individuals who don’t like more traditional career paths. For some, these preferences might seem extreme or unrealistic. However, there are many reasons people seek these jobs or need them to excel.

As you might have guessed, “no phone” means that these positions are not the usual call center or sales jobs that people associate with work from home. Call center jobs can be highly stressful, especially if they position involves cold calling to sell products or services. Not only are some of these businesses questionable, but some people respond negatively to any type of sales call, legitimate or not. Thus, these workers are exposed to swearing, abuse, and hang-ups on an hourly basis. Truly, not an ideal work environment.

Many no phone, fully remote jobs exist in the realms of virtual assisting, data entry, and creative roles. Some notable positions include editing, medical coding, and bookkeeping.

What to Expect From These Positions?

Many no phone, fully remote jobs are part-time or contractual. You may only do a few hours’ worth of work for one company. Sometimes, you may only spend minutes a day doing a job like community moderation. It depends on the exact responsibilities you have and the size and scope of the company you work for.

Notably, many of these jobs are important to maintain quality services for consumers and customers but are too costly for smaller businesses to hire full-time. For example, some vital roles include SEO writing, community moderation, ad management, and chat assisting. Any company with an online presence needs to manage its SEO and paid ad content to get more traffic, but it can cost upwards of $70,000 to hire a salaried writer, editor, or ad manager.

On the other hand, community moderators and chat assistants may only need to work one or two hours every day to keep up with traffic. Thus, it doesn’t make sense to keep a salaried worker on for eight hours.

As a result, these positions rarely provide enough pay to live off of. They may make great side hustles to get a little extra cash, but no one is going to pay rent doing ten minutes of forum moderation every day.

young employee working at a no phone, fully remote job

Why No Phone, Fully Remote Jobs are Trending

 So, you may be wondering if these jobs make better side hustles than careers, why are they trending? And why are so many people only looking for this type of work?

Overall, there are several reasons people desire no phone, fully remote jobs. Every person has their own reasons, goals, and obstacles to overcome. It may be related to their health, family, or just simply their preferences.

Keep reading to learn more about this job search trend.

1. The Pandemic

Before the pandemic, remote jobs were slowly growing in popularity. When people thought work from home, they thought freelancer, writer, blogger, etc. You didn’t picture someone with a regular nine to five carrying out their tasks from the comfort of home. After covid hit, hundreds of thousands of people were sent home from the office and school and got a taste of the work from home life. People discovered what was possible. And now, thousands of people refuse to accept anything less.

While the debate continues about the pros and cons of working from home, people who discovered no phone, fully remote jobs during the pandemic are choosing to stay with them. Notably, companies that revoked remote benefits have lost hundreds of workers who have no desire to go back to the office.

No phone, fully remote jobs remain popular as people continue dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic. Thousands across America still deal with new health issues and disabilities, chronically ill and disabled family members, and other home life changes resulting from covid. Indeed, as the impacts of the pandemic are still felt today, this trend currently doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

2. Changing Technology

On the topic of the covid-19 pandemic, new technologies and tools emerged from lockdown that allow people to comfortably work from home. Similarly, pre-existing technologies like Zoom grew with the public’s need. As a result, more diverse jobs are available for remote workers. That means people are able to find better paying and more desirable work from home jobs.

Thus, people are looking for no phone, fully remote jobs that may have fit their needs and lifestyles before covid and only now are they able to find them.

a young employee sitting on the bed with her coffee and work laptop

3. Work/Life Balance

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work-life balance” a lot in the recent years. During the pandemic, a lot of people became aware of just how much time they spent at work and commuting instead of at home. They realized how much they were missing when it came to their day-to-day lives and their families. Additionally, many became disenchanted with their companies as supervisors reacted poorly to the shutdown, showing little care for their employees’ health and safety.

 Employees were forced to come into work while ill, were micromanaged remotely, and were overall treated with disrespect.

People remain interested in no phone, fully remote positions because they provide employees with a great work-life balance. Workers don’t have to worry about their kids, families, or roommates making noise during important phone calls and get to reap the benefits of a work from home lifestyle.

4. Job Type Preference (i.e., No Customer Service)

Another trending topic lately has been how customer service workers are treated. Employees in-person and online have been reporting higher levels of abuse from customers across multiple markets in the last few years. They’re treated with disrespect, are sworn at, threatened, and are expected to bend to every customer’s whim, regardless of how unreasonable.

Expectedly, people don’t want to work in a field where they’re expected to take the abuse with a smile on their face. Notably, restaurants and stores across the country are feeling this trend.

By obtaining a no phone, fully remote job, workers can work more comfortably and not have to deal with abusive customers, at least not over the phone or in-person. Indeed, it’s much easier to handle these individuals in chat boxes and emails, though undoubtedly still just as unpleasant.

Regardless, these types of positions appeal to everyone who has had their share of abuse at work.

man working at a no phone, fully remote job from the comfort of home

5. Mental Health

Finally, the mental health crisis spurring from the pandemic has affected thousands of people. Between the isolation, medicine shortages, new health problems, and added stresses, simply getting to work has become an issue for some.

Higher education has seen this issue as well as students report higher levels of depression, anxiety, and other serious symptoms. No phone, fully remote jobs can help these individuals earn a living, maintain their lifestyles, get help more easily, and begin to recover. Indeed, while some report that commuting and seeing people every day helps their mental health, some struggle to put on a brave face to see their coworkers.

Ultimately, no phone, fully remote jobs allow people who struggle with their physical and mental health to continue working in ways that they haven’t been able to wouldn’t otherwise.

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