How Is the Education Landscape Changing after the Pandemic?

Online class on the laptop

During the pandemic, schools all over the world shut down for a long period of time. To stop the disruption of the education sector, schools began offering online lectures. From tests to exams, everything was handled online to ensure that students didn’t have to halt their studies. It was during this time that eLearning gathered a lot of attention and became a way of doing things for a long time.

Apart from schools, companies also went online and continued their operations. Even though the situation has started to get better, a lot of schools, colleges, and universities are offering online classes to their students.

Challenges With E-Learning

While online learning has shown great retention, there are still some challenges associated with it. To make sure this area of learning keeps on helping students to gain knowledge easily, it’s important to overcome these challenges first.

Here are some struggles that many students face during online classes.

  • Not every student has a computer at their home. It’s one of the biggest reasons why many students suffered from a lack of education during the pandemic.
  • Another challenge with eLearning is the lack of reliable internet access. Since video calls are the most viable option to access online lectures, it’s often hard to connect with poor internet connection.
  • The next challenge on the list is the lack of proper assistance in online classrooms. Students don’t have one-on-one interaction with the teacher and therefore, they are unable to discuss important things directly.

Although several governments and schools are offering equipment to students to continue their education, these challenges are still a big concern.

How Effective Is Online Learning?

A student using the laptop

If students have access to the right technology, then eLearning can prove to be of great potential. According to research, retaining information is much higher with online learning as compared to traditional classrooms. Furthermore, online learning takes less time, which makes it quite exceptional. Students don’t have to continuously skip between lectures in online classrooms, thus saving a lot of time while keeping the focus on one topic at one time.

The effectiveness of eLearning also depends on the age group. For example, young students require a structured classroom to keep them interested in the lecture. It saves them from distraction and allows them to focus on their lectures. For older students, it is easier for them to attend lectures from anywhere in the world and still maintain their focus.

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