Maximize Your GI Bill® Benefits

Benefits of GI Bill You Should Have to Know

4 Ways to Maximize Your GI Bill® Benefits

Are you a veteran who was recently discharged from the military? If the answer is yes, then let us say congratulations and thank you for your service! Your years of service and dedication to your country have earned you some nice perks. Some benefits include access to government programs such as the GI Bill®. Once you’re ready to start on your next journey, take the first step and get help from a college advisor. Make sure to do your research on schools and programs to maximize the GI Bill’s benefits.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill® offers financial support to further a veteran’s education. The GI Bill® also funds foreign programs and training opportunities. These programs can help you transition into civilian life and prepare you for your next career move.

This article will go over some vital information about using the GI Bill®. It will give you four tips on making the most of this valuable opportunity after leaving the military.

How to Maximize Your GI Bill® Benefits

1. Talk to A College Advisor

If you have recently retired from veteran duty and now wish to continue your education, your GI bill® can help you get you back to your college life. This way, you will get into college debt-free and start a life as a civilian. To discover more about the GI Bill®, you can communicate with any college advisor. The college advisor will inform you on how to get the most out of the benefits of the GI Bill®. The government provides many opportunities for veterans to resume their careers. A college advisor will assist you in saving on those expensive tuition bills. 

2. Do Research

Get help from a college advisor and do your research to maximize the GI Bill®’s benefits. Being informed about the steps you must take to use your benefits and having knowledge about approved programs will simplify the process. You can research the eligibility needed to get admission to a specific program. Consider new skills you want and careers you would like to join. Check that you are qualified for those programs. 

Your GI Bill® will cover the house allowances, tuition fees, etc. You must have been in service for at least 36 months to receive the full benefit of a GI Bill®. Moreover, to be a post-9/11 recipient, you need 36 months of active service. 

 3. Find an Accredited School

Find out which schools accept the GI Bill®. Many reputed institutions welcome veterans for further studies. Know which of them offers your desired program. If you are interested in taking only online classes, know you may get a lesser housing allowance. If you want to study part-time, you can also take one course each semester, which will also impact your allowance. Be aware of what you need to do to qualify for the entire housing allowance. Moreover, beware of fallacious schools. They use the money for their benefit and provide lesser educations. Check a school’s accreditations and reviews. Look for success stories and see where graduates wind up. Protect yourself and your benefits to get the most out of your GI Bill®.

4. Take Advantage of VA Loans, Scholarships, and Grants

Veterans can use FAFSA for educational and financial aid. FAFSA or Free application for federal student aid provides students in the United States with financial assistance. VA employees can have VA loans, scholarships, and other forms of aid in addition to their GI Bill®.

Some of the financial and educational aid available for servicemembers are Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Scholarships, Department of Veterans Affairs Education Benefits (GI Bill®), and more.

There is a program called public service loan forgiveness, organized to help forgive veterans’ loans. For example, in California, the CalVet Fee waiver is used in waiving huge tuition fees of veterans. 

Final Thoughts:

The above are the steps that can help you maximize your GI Bill® benefits. Do your research to find the most valuable opportunity for you because once your benefits are gone, they’re gone forever. They are far too important to be squandered!

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