How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician in 2022

What is a Pharmacy Technician? 

As a pharmacy technician your major task will be dispensing medications under the supervision of a professional pharmacist. You’ve probably heard of pharmacy technicians and wonder what they do and How to Become a Pharmacy Technician. A pharmacy technician is required to work with the pharmacist. Their primary roles include preparing prescriptions through measuring, labelling, and packaging; distributing medications; keeping treatment records; and placing orders. 

As the healthcare industry changes so do the roles of pharmacy technicians, so it’s important to know what kind of opportunities you can expect in the coming years. 

Here are some ways you can start preparing to become a pharmacy technician in 2022, whether you want to work at the hospital or help customers pick up their medications at the local drugstore.

Steps to Become a Pharmacy Technician

The health sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors of this era and with its growing demand, other connected areas are expanding too. Pharmacy is one such sector that is directly linked with healthcare. Thus, to help meet the demand, the roles of both the pharmacist and pharmacy technician are vital. To become a pharmacy technician, you do not need any formal education. Just a high school diploma or its equivalent is enough. 

What will be the fastest-growing part of the healthcare industry?

The demand for pharmacy technicians, on average, has a faster growth rate than the national average for all careers. One reason for this growth is the fact that the number of hospitals is increasing gradually each year. In addition, as we age, many of us begin taking medication for one thing or another. Further, as healthcare and our understanding of illnesses improves, new medications and treatments become available to patients of all ages. Due to these factors, the field of pharmacy tech is guaranteed to continue growing.

What are some positive trends for this industry?

The most positive trend of the industry is in this average growth. It means that the need for pharmacy technicians has been increasing over the decades and will continue to grow. The medical field is on the boom, growing during the recession and COVID-19, while other fields shrank. The impact COVID-19 had on our world predicts the continued need for pharmacy technicians in the market. The job role of the pharmacy technician is, at large, serving society and those in need of medical care. A pharmacy technician’s job is vital and it’s impossible to replace or remove it. 

Where will jobs be available?

The primary role of the pharmacy technician is within the pharmacy, to help and assist pharmacists with the distribution of prescriptions. Depending on location and employee preferences, the job can be either full-time or part-time. Pharmacy technicians work mainly in hospitals, general stores, and drug stores.

What kind of training is required?

The foremost requirement is a high school diploma or its equivalent in addition to an understanding of chemistry, biology, and algebra. Interested students can also choose to pursue a post-secondary diploma or certificate to build their skills, find a position faster, and possibly start at a higher salary. Either way, your pharmacy will provide the necessary training for you to get started. If you have no prior experience or training, you will likely need to spend more time dedicated to training in your position.

What skills are needed?

These are the skills you must have if you wish to be a pharmacy technician:

  • Detail-oriented 
  • Team-player
  • Active
  • Communication
  • Organizational skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Stress management
  • Math and algebra
  • Professional ethics

As with every workplace, many of the day-to-day roles in pharmacies have gone digital. Everything is done through an online platform, from taking to placing orders. Therefore, you must be technology-friendly to thrive in the workplace. The job can also come with high workloads at times so the ability to function under stress and manage your stress levels is key to success.

What are some ways to enter this career field now?

The two main ways to enter this career, after receiving a high school diploma or equivalent, are:

  • On-the-job training or
  • Post-secondary certification or two-year degree

How do you find a job as a pharmacy tech in your area?

First, put your resume together, making sure to highlight the skills you have that relate to the pharmacy technician job. There are various job portals where you can upload your resume and few and apply to open positions. You can also subscribe to receive notifications for job vacancies in your preferred field and for when those positions are updated or filled.

You can also check the open positions section on specific pharmacies’ websites. If you have completed your post-secondary certification, you may already have built up a network. You can reach out to your connections to find a job faster and with companies you are familiar with.


Pharmacy technician is a demanding job that provides a much needed service to the public. The job market for pharmacy technicians is increasing and is expected to continue growing. You can get a job in a hospital and in pharmacies in either part- or full-time positions. To excel in this field, you need to be tech savvy and have vital soft skills such as communication and organizational skills. However, the job is stable, rewarding, accessible, and has ample opportunity for advancement and growth.