Lakewood University Adds Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology to its List of Reputable Programs

IPSA Scientia Potestas Est

The program enables students to gain qualifications in this highly sought-after industry.

Cleveland Heights, OH – One of the fastest-growing post-secondary institutions in the United States, Lakewood University, is pleased to announce it is now offering a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology program.

Lakewood University is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides worldwide distance education for business, medical, and legal professions.  The university provides quality online programs that are both rigorous and able to be earned in a short period of time.

Recently, Lakewood University launched its latest and most exciting program to date – Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology.  This program is designed to prepare students for opportunities in information technology by encouraging the use of the unique language of IT and the application of key concepts of the profession.  In the program, students will demonstrate the technical abilities and practical skills that help organizations innovate practices, products, and processes.

“Our latest 4-year program is designed to empower individuals to become passionate, solution-minded information technology professionals by fostering innovation, research, leadership development, and solving real-life problems,” says President of Lakewood University, Tanya Haggins.  “This exciting program will enable students to work toward leadership roles in organizations, honoring ethical responsibilities to stakeholders and the community, while pursuing innovation, creation, application, integration, and the administration of computing technologies.  In addition, this program provides a foundation for further studies.  We welcome all interested students to apply for this incredible learning opportunity.”

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Lakewood University is a 100% accredited online college offering MBA, Bachelor’s, and Associate degrees, as well as certified programs in the medical, information technology, business, and legal fields. 

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