Lakewood University Offers No Cost Professional Development Mediation Course

President and Success Coach of Lakewood University Team Up to Offer No-Cost Professional Development Mediation Course

The no-cost course will run through December 31st, 2020.

Cleveland Heights, OH – The President and Success Coach of Lakewood University are pleased to announce they are teaming up to offer a no-cost professional development mediation course to Americans that will run until December 31st

Lakewood University is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides worldwide distance education for business, medical, and legal professions.  The college provides quality online programs that are both rigorous and able to be earned in a short period of time.  Lakewood University’s founder, Tanya Haggins, has served as president for over 21 years, and boasts more than 30 years of experience in business as an educator, negotiator, manager, administrator, consultant, arbitrator, and mediator.

In recent news, Haggins has announced that she, alongside her colleague – the school’s Success Coach – is offering to teach a no-cost professional development course to Americans until the end of the year.

“With people being taken out of their normal routines, conflict is very high in America right now,” says Haggins.  “Many conflicts ensue when people are thrust into change, but this doesn’t mean they have to live in discomfort and unease during this unprecedented time.  Our no-cost mediation course will help individuals determine the nature of the conflict and provide the necessary skills to effectively manage conflict.”

“As the 501 (c)(3) mission is to improve the quality of life of our students,” Haggins continues, “we believe our no-cost course will definitely improve the lives of these individuals.”

To register for this unprecedented course by Lakewood University, interested parties can call 1-800-517-0857 (option 1) for more details.

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About Lakewood University and Tanya Haggins

Lakewood University is a 100% nationally accredited online college offering MBA, Bachelor’s, and Associate degrees, as well as certified programs in the medical, information technology, business, and legal fields. 

Tanya L. Haggins, JD, LL.M. has served as President and founder of Lakewood University for over 21 years and is an LL.M. graduate of the world-renowned program at Pepperdine University, School of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, and holds a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Miami School of Law.  Haggins also holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bowling Green State University.

In previous work experience, Haggins served as a mediator for the Juvenile Court in Cuyahoga, where she impacted thousands of families through her innovative mediation practice to help bring families together. 

Because of her creative approach to bringing peace, Haggins received the Peacemaker of the Year award from Congressman Denis Kucinich and Mayor Pusquelli for her contributions in the field.  Furthermore, in 2019, Haggins was name as one of the Trailblazers of the Year by the National Council of Negro Women.  Haggins is also the Author of the book “How to Make it Big Resolving Disputes.”

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