Lakewood University Donates N95 Masks

Lakewood University Donates N95 Masks to Florida Hospital and Ohio Nursing Home

The non-profit online college is dedicated to helping support local communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

Cleveland Heights, OH – Lakewood University is pleased to announce it has donated its supply of N95 masks to employees of a Florida Hospital and Ohio nursing home.

Lakewood University is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides worldwide distance education for business, medical, and legal professions.  The college provides quality online programs that are both rigorous and able to be earned in a short period of time.

“When I founded the college, it was very important for me to ensure our programs are easily accessible and affordable for all our students,” says Tanya Haggins, founder and President of Lakewood University.  “Post-secondary education can be incredibly expensive and oftentimes out of reach for many people.  Our goal is to help those who aspire to reach their dreams through our engaging distance learning programs.”

In recent news, Lakewood University has made the decision to donate the schools’ supply of N95 masks to communities in need.  These masks were sent to two facilities across the nation, including a hospital in Altamonte Spring Florida and a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Since our primary goal at Lakewood University is to improve the quality of life of our students, it only made sense for us to also help improve the quality of life for staff of our medical communities, who are currently combating COVID-19,” states Haggins.  “Since many of our graduates go on to work in the medical field, we wanted to show our appreciation for this industry and hope our donations help to improve the working conditions of staff in these facilities.”

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About Lakewood University

Lakewood University’s mission is to improve the quality of life of its students by providing excellent, affordable, and in-demand educational programs using various distance learning methods. 

The college enrolls students year-round, enabling them to immediately begin their program of choice at a time that is right for them.  Hundreds of students across the world have enrolled in Lakewood’s nationally accredited and globally recognized programs.

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